G FUEL x Esports Arena x Walmart

To everyone who came thru in Kansas City to support us and our awesome friends at @walmart & @esportsarena, we can’t thank you enough!
When great people come together to share their love for gaming, some pretty amazing things can happen - And these past few days were a true testament to that! Oh, and something tells us that there will be more of these coming...👀 #GFUELWALMART

Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. Yodox sweat

    Yodox sweat12 days ago

    Can we get this in every Walmart

  2. Xtrem1ty

    Xtrem1ty6 months ago

    Do an England one pleaseeeee

  3. Odyssey

    Odyssey7 months ago

    i live in kansas my friend was there as well sad i missed it

  4. Bffnff Bffbffbffbffbff

    Bffnff Bffbffbffbffbff8 months ago

    The kids younger then the kid that got sick from it

  5. Scxped _Ace

    Scxped _Ace10 months ago

    Could there be one in Fort Worth

  6. MeepyStudios

    MeepyStudios10 months ago

    Ace -_- oof same

  7. Glyzzytron 3000

    Glyzzytron 3000Year ago

    We don’t have one in Texas

  8. Titangamerhd

    TitangamerhdYear ago

    The crack is real

  9. Jason Murak

    Jason MurakYear ago

    Yo that dude is on more than gfuel. He needs to chill out

  10. yt faze beck

    yt faze beckYear ago

    I wish I could come

  11. Ben Williams

    Ben WilliamsYear ago

    Is this going to happen in canada

  12. The entire senate

    The entire senateYear ago

    They were playing fortnite that’s so sad

  13. Dustin Cline

    Dustin ClineYear ago

    Buy G Fuel To Crush Your Completion

  14. Billy IsBored

    Billy IsBoredYear ago

    Shout out to Fooya

  15. Erick

    ErickYear ago

    Walmart is the worst place to put an esports arena 1. So many homeless go into Walmart. 2. Rage kids are gonna damage a computer 3. There’s more shootings in Walmart than any other retail store

  16. MeepyStudios

    MeepyStudios10 months ago

    Erick Bonilla um for number 1 it’s a new event there will be a lot of security there and it’s kinda. cheap to play there and for number 2 the parent/guardian will pay for the damage and for 3 that’s normal for Walmart and if u mean robbing the police could probably solve who did it

  17. Ali X Legend

    Ali X LegendYear ago

    F!s in the chat for me... Walmart isn’t in the U.K.

  18. alexdabalx420

    alexdabalx420Year ago

    And this is were gfule ends im calling it right now

  19. Adler

    AdlerYear ago


  20. Abel Gonzalez

    Abel GonzalezYear ago

    My boy douggie 👍🏾

  21. Brian P. Rojas

    Brian P. RojasYear ago

    Damn I really thought Walmart was selling g fuel

  22. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUpMonth ago

    would be so nice not having to wait for dogshit shipping.. last package took 20 days..

  23. zap is a goat

    zap is a goat2 months ago

    @Gamma Plus well I come 15 hours than u I am come from the future future future future futere

  24. Gamma Plus

    Gamma Plus2 months ago

    @zap is a goat I come from the future future future future

  25. zap is a goat

    zap is a goat6 months ago

    @Odyssey I am from the futer futerfuter

  26. Odyssey

    Odyssey7 months ago

    @no yes I come from the future future

  27. OF9

    OF9Year ago

    That’s just in the middle of a Walmart



    Is it still there

  29. Ashton Summers

    Ashton SummersYear ago

    I live in Kansas City, why didn’t I know that this was going on??? I’m pissed

  30. GabePvPz

    GabePvPzYear ago

    @Ashton Summers rippp

  31. Ashton Summers

    Ashton SummersYear ago

    GabePvPz I wish, it was the 16th and 17th like 10 days ago

  32. GabePvPz

    GabePvPzYear ago

    You should probably go there, it's not like it will end anytime soon

  33. Norco

    NorcoYear ago

    Please restock peach cobbler

  34. Paradoxed

    ParadoxedYear ago

    Man I wish my walmart was like that.

  35. Mir Allan Dogan

    Mir Allan Dogan7 months ago


  36. Yeah lol

    Yeah lolYear ago

    Abdullah Abdelkarim I don’t have any Walmart’s in my country lol

  37. jmend12

    jmend12Year ago

    The cans are ass , I dont know how ppl drink those

  38. Joseph

    JosephYear ago

    Walmart in Texas next!!!!

  39. MeepyStudios

    MeepyStudios10 months ago

    Joseph where?

  40. Speedy Blue7

    Speedy Blue7Year ago

    Can we get this every Walmart!

  41. Taste tester kid

    Taste tester kidMonth ago

    Hahahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahah. Yes sir

  42. MagswapGaming

    MagswapGamingYear ago

    10/10 would go! This is sick!

  43. Bl1nd

    Bl1ndYear ago

    *cryes in europe*

  44. Raspberry

    RaspberryYear ago

    Igen Igen I feel you bro

  45. Pluto V2

    Pluto V2Year ago


  46. shark card

    shark cardYear ago

    Now is gfuel going to be verified by the FDA

  47. PLUT0

    PLUT0Year ago

    I live like 30 minutes from their

  48. Jogxogx 3

    Jogxogx 3Year ago

    Wait does this mean that gfuel is coming to Walmart now??

  49. Don Anderson

    Don Anderson7 months ago

    @Cryptatlas ight bet

  50. Cryptatlas

    CryptatlasYear ago

    @Ashton Summers They posted it on their Twitter page.

  51. Ashton Summers

    Ashton SummersYear ago

    Offensivename where

  52. Android666

    Android666Year ago

    @Ashton Summers gfuel posted about it themselves

  53. Ashton Summers

    Ashton SummersYear ago

    Cryptatlas how have you got this info

  54. Eagle Owl

    Eagle OwlYear ago

    Faze and walmart. This is something else.

  55. Krew Tran

    Krew TranYear ago

    Eagle Owl I think it’s more gfuel and Walmart.

  56. Zarpy1x

    Zarpy1xYear ago

    Will you be doing this in addison Illinois

  57. Noah Blanchette

    Noah BlanchetteYear ago

    I think I'm gonna move to Kansas Now.

  58. Kevin Galabay

    Kevin GalabayYear ago

    Wish they had that on Walmart

  59. Aurora

    AuroraYear ago

    This this up for G Fuel

  60. Heejae

    HeejaeYear ago

    I wish I could’ve gone

  61. Jeff Hessler

    Jeff HesslerYear ago

    I was in the Faze Jersey at the front of the line!

  62. MonsterPlayz

    MonsterPlayz5 months ago

    That’s dope

  63. Yxng Buba

    Yxng BubaYear ago

    Bruh that's honestly sick

  64. JJ Kaname

    JJ KanameYear ago



    ONLYBRXC3Year ago


  66. Jargon 616

    Jargon 616Year ago


  67. Keizxer

    KeizxerYear ago


  68. Amarii ded aya

    Amarii ded ayaYear ago

    Everytime i restart the website the vid gets a like HAHAH

  69. Phasinated

    PhasinatedYear ago

    Letsss goo

  70. Simon Gaskell

    Simon GaskellYear ago

    Restock Peach Cobbler

  71. cuztheboss

    cuzthebossYear ago


  72. Teeqa Masala

    Teeqa MasalaYear ago

    Can I please get some g fuel

  73. Teeqa Masala

    Teeqa MasalaYear ago

    My insta is ateeq.13

  74. Slambo 100

    Slambo 100Year ago


  75. Keizxer

    KeizxerYear ago

    First baby

  76. Decoyz R6

    Decoyz R6Year ago

    So sick

  77. BC_YT

    BC_YTYear ago