2019 G FUEL Recap

2019 was WILD - and 2020 is going to be even better! Thanks for everyone for being with us and as always, Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/ !


  1. Jay Studios

    Jay Studios6 months ago

    sure..... 2020 is going to be better... if only they knew ;-;

  2. Davit Gogichaishvili

    Davit Gogichaishvili10 months ago

    It got no viwes

  3. ThatRussian

    ThatRussianYear ago


  4. Ricky Molina

    Ricky MolinaYear ago

    Is the PewDiePie 100 mil shaker come back?

  5. inox1ck

    inox1ckYear ago

    Forget jet fuel,can G fuel melt steel beams?

  6. Team Vilo

    Team ViloYear ago

    I Need To Get Sponsered That One Of My Goals In 2020 I have A Flavor Idea If I get Sponsered I Am Going To Try To Get A Flavor It's Gonna Be Called Blake's Berry Bash..

  7. Jaron Klock

    Jaron KlockYear ago

    When is bahama mama coming to cans

  8. Ultra instinct Goku

    Ultra instinct GokuYear ago

    Is gfuel really that good? 🤔

  9. FreexNash

    FreexNashYear ago

    Ultra instinct Goku yes

  10. The Pale King

    The Pale KingYear ago

    I’ve found that g-fuel is usually to sweet for me and that’s why I drink the sour flavours

  11. FunnyboyGamer

    FunnyboyGamerYear ago


  12. dinotaah moment

    dinotaah momentYear ago

    Very epic , I give a strawberry banana out of cotton candy 👍

  13. itsss.andreu YT

    itsss.andreu YTYear ago

    This is video is beautiful

  14. Ba Ba Boy

    Ba Ba BoyYear ago

    Can you guys try to experiment with passionfruit? It's one of my favorites

  15. Brian Cunningham

    Brian CunninghamYear ago

    can't wait for 2020. especially gfuel at Walmart

  16. Pepsi man

    Pepsi manYear ago

    What if I snort gfule?

  17. Pepsi man

    Pepsi manYear ago

    @Sinon Op damn

  18. Sinon Op

    Sinon OpYear ago

    then some crazy shit happens

  19. FrostyBoi

    FrostyBoiYear ago

    100 mil PewDiePie was my favourite cup

  20. ToastFromVenus

    ToastFromVenusYear ago

    are you gonna be at insomnia 66

  21. yourboysunny

    yourboysunnyYear ago

    Ok boomer to energy drinks

  22. Kazmix2

    Kazmix2Year ago

    KSI is the best

  23. Sir Ox

    Sir OxYear ago

    USE code fl0m at checkout

  24. shaun

    shaunYear ago

    0:38 dad :)

  25. Thijs Langemaat

    Thijs LangemaatYear ago

    Is it possible to also get a depot in Europe?


    SHORTYPlEYear ago

    Aye das me :D

  27. dllmll

    dllmllYear ago

    Even this is better then youtube rewind

  28. Doge Crisp

    Doge CrispYear ago

    Still better than USlikes Rewind 2019

  29. King of Darkness

    King of DarknessYear ago

    Pewdiepie flavor and Dubmelon Mint are my favorites 👌

  30. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusYear ago

    Why this video only have 1k views

  31. NitroApples

    NitroApplesYear ago

    Gimme free stuff

  32. Vagyu

    VagyuYear ago



    ODYSSEYYear ago

    Shock shaker, snow cone, hype sauce, dubmelon, strawberry Banana are the best things to happen in 2019

  34. nerdykitty cakez

    nerdykitty cakezYear ago

    💗🐾love it

  35. EpixMobileGamer XD

    EpixMobileGamer XDYear ago

    Do Gfuel ship to Malta?

  36. Destinypig15

    Destinypig15Year ago

    I’m the 69th like

  37. vortex_void _

    vortex_void _Year ago

    i love gfuel would like to be sponserd

  38. Crispy Kareem

    Crispy KareemYear ago

    It's a drink

  39. EggMan XD

    EggMan XDYear ago

  40. Sneaky Slate

    Sneaky SlateYear ago

    Well I can't wait Gfuel to be cruel

  41. Colors Silence

    Colors SilenceYear ago

    Can’t wait to see what the Future of gfuel will be like

  42. Cytro -_-

    Cytro -_-Year ago

    Can we get gfuel to 1m this year!!!

  43. MeZoomer

    MeZoomerYear ago

    I am honestly just using GFUEL because of the 2 time... so, grate choice for a sponsoring

  44. that_guy_rio

    that_guy_rioYear ago


  45. -The Crylic-

    -The Crylic-Year ago

    Your done well this year boiz

  46. Ibrahim Abu asheh

    Ibrahim Abu ashehYear ago

    Ya pewds is in the video

  47. Young Shiy

    Young ShiyYear ago


  48. Speedy Blue7

    Speedy Blue7Year ago

    G fuel!

  49. MrNoodles

    MrNoodlesYear ago

    What do I need to do

  50. infinityJKA

    infinityJKAYear ago

    Oh yeah it's rewind time.

  51. Kevin Carbajal

    Kevin CarbajalYear ago

    Can u guy send me gful??

  52. -The Crylic-

    -The Crylic-Year ago


  53. Adame Torres

    Adame TorresYear ago

    First like

  54. MrNoodles

    MrNoodlesYear ago

    I need sponsor so I can pay my debt

  55. P Dog

    P DogYear ago

    shouldnt have gone into debt my guy

  56. Adame Torres

    Adame TorresYear ago

    Says posted.5 seconds ago

  57. Str1kes

    Str1kesYear ago

    cant wait to try my gfuel when it delivers !!!

  58. Mondy Mimo

    Mondy Mimo7 months ago

    Anime Slayer 2.0 !!!! Mine too xD 40 days to deliver to Europe

  59. Cooking With Gael

    Cooking With GaelYear ago

    Anime Slayer 2.0 !!!! 3 more days

  60. Anime Slayer 2.0 !!!!

    Anime Slayer 2.0 !!!!Year ago

    Mine delivers on 16th of January, it was longer than a month

  61. Ali-A_Ninja_69

    Ali-A_Ninja_69Year ago

    Vincent De Freitas same

  62. Quintino Rader 223

    Quintino Rader 223Year ago

    Vincent De Freitas same

  63. Amarii ded aya

    Amarii ded ayaYear ago


  64. Brayden Graham

    Brayden GrahamYear ago


  65. Edgar Leon

    Edgar LeonYear ago


  66. Env Y

    Env YYear ago


  67. Slimyfishszn

    SlimyfishsznYear ago

    Cool kidddd

  68. Adame Torres

    Adame TorresYear ago