Sour Starberry Mix | G FUEL Flavor Mix

Looking for a new Flavor Mix to try out!? 1/2 scoop of Butter's Star Fruit + 1/2 Scoop of Sour Fazeberry and you'll have SOUR STARBERRY! Send us your best mixes or try your own at


  1. HubbaBubba22

    HubbaBubba22Month ago

    Why does my man leave the drink?

  2. Wrath Fearless

    Wrath Fearless4 months ago

    Bro I actually ordered these from BOGO and then I find this? Doing this in about a week when it gets here then

  3. Wes Thompson

    Wes Thompson4 months ago

    Sour red raspberry for a new flavor

  4. AmniCol

    AmniCol4 months ago

    We need babushkas apple pie flavor g fuel, radal would be happy as hell

  5. Lazer

    Lazer4 months ago

    Your supposed to drink it I thought you sniff it and become pewdiepie

  6. An egg :3

    An egg :34 months ago

    Black ice (Rainbow six siege inspired) Blue ice and black on blacberry

  7. Mihajlo Sarkanovic

    Mihajlo Sarkanovic4 months ago

    Sry but 30 dollars for 6 bags is too expensive

  8. REANS

    REANS4 months ago

    Is gfuele type of energy drink? Plz no

  9. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz4 months ago

    When’s Poggers flavored g fuel coming out?

  10. A K E

    A K E4 months ago

    I have an idеa "Green ice"

  11. Pug With 1K Subscribers

    Pug With 1K Subscribers4 months ago

    PewDiePie Subscribe And this is his own Life hacks

  12. Leah Velasco

    Leah Velasco4 months ago

    Can I drink gfuel im 12 years old

  13. Wow entertainment st

    Wow entertainment st4 months ago

    I looked at your channel and I liked it very much. I subscribed to support you. You too subscribe to me and watch my videos please.

  14. Slix

    Slix4 months ago

    Pewds is subbed to u

  15. Riley Games

    Riley Games4 months ago

    G FEUL

  16. Riggsdapizza

    Riggsdapizza4 months ago

    We need more hydration formula

  17. Flop

    Flop4 months ago

    Do you/people sell g feul in south afrika

  18. Retro Games

    Retro Games4 months ago

    I have a question. Does the tropical rain flavor include mangos? I’m allergic

  19. Team Spamz

    Team Spamz4 months ago

    can u plz hit up GingerRedMan with a sponsor he would gratley apprecaite it

  20. jay Ok

    jay Ok4 months ago

    gfuel you guys should make a sour patch like flavor just an idea i had in mind i think it would be an amazing flavor 👍🏾.

  21. YT- -8000

    YT- -80004 months ago

    Theirs another energy company that’s done that already, it’s called “Ghost”

  22. Dimitry 3

    Dimitry 34 months ago

    babuskas apple pie....

  23. Dastan0522

    Dastan05225 months ago

    We need "Babushka's Apple Pie." Flavor! (Inspired by: RADAL)

  24. Dimitry 3

    Dimitry 34 months ago



    IHMASTER5 months ago

    Give me Gfuel Mr. Gfuel

  26. SpaidSzn

    SpaidSzn5 months ago

    We need glizzy flavored gfuel

  27. Abodi Motii

    Abodi Motii5 months ago

    Watching this drinking ice tea cuz g fuel is not sold in my country

  28. ICE

    ICE5 months ago

    who just came to this channel because it was in pewdiepies subscriptions btw read my name

  29. Taichou

    Taichou5 months ago

    Please stop sponsering DramaAlert thank you!

  30. Taichou

    Taichou4 months ago

    @eddie._.n0 I didn't know that

  31. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n04 months ago

    Are you dumb? They literally dropped him when the drama happened

  32. The_Best_Game013

    The_Best_Game0135 months ago

    if only I was old enough:(

  33. Pov_ Xtra

    Pov_ Xtra5 months ago

    Wish I was old enough to drink g-fuel


    HAND SANITIZER5 months ago

    Lol Every age is ok (i am 14)

  35. Vxbe

    Vxbe5 months ago

    Man I'm so unlucky I cant get any of these flavours and they look soooooo good

  36. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n04 months ago

    @Dxmo Reactions yeah everyone has money

  37. Vxbe

    Vxbe4 months ago

    It dosent deliver in my country

  38. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n04 months ago

    Buy them duh

  39. Delta Maverick

    Delta Maverick5 months ago


  40. Ian Forgione

    Ian Forgione5 months ago

    U should rename blue ice black ice and say inspired by rainbow six siege

  41. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus5 months ago

    I’ve ordered a glow in the dark gfuel cup with samples 7 days ago and still hasnt arrived. How long does it take for y’all to get it???

  42. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman4 months ago

    @Lil Jesus that's awesome! I hope it comes soon for you, though. Good luck


    HAND SANITIZER5 months ago

    30days usually but i live in Europe

  44. Lil Jesus

    Lil Jesus5 months ago

    Tallahassee well damn, looks like I’ll have to wait even more. Btw I use to visit Tallahassee a few times, i really like the centre of Tallahassee mall, such a cool place

  45. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman5 months ago

    It took like 18 days for me to get my sample pack back in June. They've been taking longer than usual recently.

  46. Error

    Error5 months ago

    just make a coca cola flavour, you know you want to

  47. Saul Goodman

    Saul Goodman5 months ago

    We need a Fallout G-fuel. Nuka-Cola flavor 😄 I'd totally buy that.

  48. Ya Boi Kryzon

    Ya Boi Kryzon2 months ago

    That seems like a can only flavor

  49. EmilianoGaribay

    EmilianoGaribay4 months ago


  50. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl4 months ago

    Tallahassee wait!! There is a series coming out?? My guy, please elaborate!!!

  51. Bru Ok

    Bru Ok4 months ago

    This hast to happen rn ur genius

  52. Pug With 1K Subscribers

    Pug With 1K Subscribers4 months ago

    I hope

  53. Jrog1989

    Jrog19895 months ago

    Please do make more of these flavors

  54. Ant Hony

    Ant Hony5 months ago

    Can I win AirPods I can hold my breath for a minute an a half

  55. Ant Hony

    Ant Hony5 months ago


  56. MundaneMelon

    MundaneMelon5 months ago

    @Ant Hony i don't have airpods so nothing will go down

  57. Ant Hony

    Ant Hony5 months ago

    MundaneMelon great how’s this going to go down

  58. MundaneMelon

    MundaneMelon5 months ago


  59. Alex_Perezident

    Alex_Perezident5 months ago


  60. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n04 months ago

    Most likely a back to school bogo

  61. Alex_Perezident

    Alex_Perezident5 months ago

    What about the pewdiepie one I use to like it but for me it’s too sweet I like it with milk though

  62. Vilmer Johansson Ekman

    Vilmer Johansson Ekman5 months ago

    i want liquorice


    MRBOLTY5 months ago

    Dukaja wya

  64. David Kiss

    David Kiss5 months ago

    I tasted it and it was like I was in heaven

  65. Pug With 1K Subscribers

    Pug With 1K Subscribers4 months ago

    : O

  66. yoyo ali

    yoyo ali5 months ago

    I wish I could drink im in pakistan

  67. Yw aasho

    Yw aasho5 months ago

    Or even more then 8000

  68. Yw aasho

    Yw aasho5 months ago

    Its 8000 rupes

  69. Yw aasho

    Yw aasho5 months ago

    Lamo same

  70. Alfaro Lie

    Alfaro Lie5 months ago

    MrBeast Did not get hes own drink?

  71. Pitjosie Serrano

    Pitjosie Serrano5 months ago

    Do sour blue chug Rug and green apple

  72. OLLEBread

    OLLEBread5 months ago


  73. Z1han

    Z1han5 months ago

    Help too much caffeine

  74. ParalysisPain

    ParalysisPain5 months ago


  75. germomo G

    germomo G5 months ago

    Bring back the glass cups pls

  76. TSM Finetimg

    TSM Finetimg5 months ago

    I wish g fuel is at Wal-Mart or any local store not only online cause you have to wait for it to come which may take a week depends where you live.


    HAND SANITIZER5 months ago

    For me it takes a month but i still buy

  78. CG paintball

    CG paintball5 months ago

    Me at the soda fountain

  79. Vlad Do Stupid Things

    Vlad Do Stupid Things5 months ago

    Pewdi-srespect flavor Next

  80. Aaron castellanos

    Aaron castellanos5 months ago

    Cool 😎 omg

  81. Anthony Silva

    Anthony Silva5 months ago

    Can you make a TikTok Gfuel the flavors will be grapes and blueberries

  82. Anthony Silva

    Anthony Silva4 months ago

    Axol yes

  83. T

    T4 months ago

    Noo please no

  84. Alex Edmondson

    Alex Edmondson5 months ago

    Please do more of these with more new flavors!

  85. Bru Ok

    Bru Ok5 months ago

    When u want to make this but u realize u don’t have any of the flavors

  86. Alex_Perezident

    Alex_Perezident5 months ago

    I only have faze berry sour also wait for the sale that is suppose to happen by one get one tub free

  87. markybuildy

    markybuildy5 months ago


  88. Ainsley Noreen

    Ainsley Noreen5 months ago

    I clicked on this faster than James Charles said hi sisters because I have been waiting

  89. Cywil PL

    Cywil PL5 months ago

    Hmmmm... Dukaja made a very similar video before this one.

  90. Hamlet Ψ

    Hamlet Ψ5 months ago

    Gfuel give me some gfuel cause i have the balls of steel for asking

  91. Ahmad Al habib

    Ahmad Al habib5 months ago

    Ohhhhh yeaahhh

  92. ZKerwood904

    ZKerwood9045 months ago


  93. Isaac btw

    Isaac btw5 months ago

    I really want gfuel but it to expensive

  94. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl4 months ago

    Avea i believe so. But it’s still a great deal!!

  95. Avea

    Avea4 months ago

    @meageekygirl is it only tubs?

  96. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl4 months ago

    Phaseツ on GFuel website, they have BOGO till 9/2!!! Go get some my guy!!!

  97. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl4 months ago

    Phaseツ you can also wait till they have their BOGO sales. But one tub, get one free!!! (On the GFuel website)

  98. meageekygirl

    meageekygirl4 months ago

    Phaseツ if you have amazon prime it should be around $30.00 with prime shipping (1-2 days).

  99. Corrupted ChUcKy

    Corrupted ChUcKy5 months ago

    talk abt a good combo

  100. AddysusXD

    AddysusXD5 months ago

    That looks good not going to lie

  101. Kazmix2

    Kazmix25 months ago

    Watching this during online school lol

  102. the sidnams

    the sidnams5 months ago

    Dude same i got my bahamma mama gfuel with me to

  103. Swaggy Duck

    Swaggy Duck5 months ago


  104. Corrupted ChUcKy

    Corrupted ChUcKy5 months ago

    Letsss gooo

  105. toastymilk

    toastymilk5 months ago


  106. bobthebruh

    bobthebruh5 months ago

    bruhh I wanna try this shit so bad

  107. Sir Hogang

    Sir Hogang5 months ago

    Much yes

  108. Thunder lion878 Sage

    Thunder lion878 Sage5 months ago


  109. ExceededSine776

    ExceededSine7765 months ago

    Second comments 🤟

  110. FearlessWolf33

    FearlessWolf335 months ago


  111. zez

    zez5 months ago


  112. Cheater. Glowsnap

    Cheater. Glowsnap5 months ago

    Hi just ordered sour fazeberry and hype sauce warlier

  113. Isaac btw

    Isaac btw5 months ago


  114. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach5 months ago


  115. Nerd Heelys

    Nerd Heelys5 months ago


  116. FearlessWolf33

    FearlessWolf335 months ago


  117. Qay FN

    Qay FN5 months ago

    Looks amazing

  118. muhammad irtaza

    muhammad irtaza5 months ago


  119. Fatty Uka

    Fatty Uka5 months ago


  120. Olexandr Grach

    Olexandr Grach5 months ago


  121. Lightism

    Lightism5 months ago

    Looks yummy

  122. Benito Mussolini

    Benito Mussolini5 months ago


  123. Zavarah

    Zavarah5 months ago


  124. YoFlowz

    YoFlowz5 months ago

    "Who clicked on the vid and came straight to comments?😂" (OMG g fuel thanks for commenting on my new video❤)

  125. Dipshit

    Dipshit5 months ago


  126. Luck BS

    Luck BS5 months ago


  127. Luck BS

    Luck BS5 months ago

    @Heartz *Cringely dabs*