G FUEL Bahama Mama | Ready-To-Drink Can!

Taste the tropical flavor of G FUEL Bahama Mama! Inspired by Roman Atwood! Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/


  1. FurtherChimp668

    FurtherChimp6683 months ago

    Bruh this was uploaded on my birthday


    GAMER MCH6 months ago

    Why are the cans only available in the us iam in the uk and I really want a gfuel can

  3. Ikhix

    Ikhix6 months ago

    Its not the best, I give it a 3/10. If you want some real good canned gfuel go for Sour Chug Rug!!!

  4. Jonas Jensen

    Jonas Jensen7 months ago

    I miss Roman :(

  5. Proxy Emilo

    Proxy Emilo7 months ago


  6. ShyMe Bc

    ShyMe Bc7 months ago

    I was actually gonna get the glow in the dark starter kit...£10 with a discount. Hell yeah...then I checked the delivery fee...£10...which bringed the total to £20 pounds...cmon seriously. I ain't paying that

  7. Konayo

    Konayo7 months ago

    Who is roman atwood?

  8. NanaTea64

    NanaTea647 months ago

    Gfuel sponsor me

  9. David M

    David M7 months ago

    Damn something is going on with Roman for gfuel to not even have him promote his own can

  10. sparky kills

    sparky kills7 months ago

    If gfuel do what footasylum do and bing the people they sponsor on videos to play games and others things then this youtube channel would be lit

  11. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid7 months ago

    Guys anyone who’s watching plz please tell me if it’s possible to die from gfuel and if it is please tell me how

  12. FavPurple

    FavPurple7 months ago

    The dislikes are people with no taste

  13. Zeemz

    Zeemz7 months ago

    I genuinely can't tell if the set is real life or not. What kind of computer magic is this??

  14. Zeemz

    Zeemz7 months ago

    @ZurjjMedia crazy. great job!

  15. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia7 months ago

    It's all 3D made! Hope you enjoyed my work :)

  16. ヅerik

    ヅerik7 months ago

    Gfuel please add babuskas applepie flavour if u add guys radal is be soo hapy

  17. xd Clippz

    xd Clippz7 months ago

    Why is my gfuel taking a month to get to the UK then😭😭

  18. Camabis

    Camabis7 months ago

    I’m beyond confused as to why Roman Atwood didn’t even at least show his face in this. He LOVES this product, and LOVED doing the last Ad. I can understand him wanting to just spend time with his family & his youngest daughter. But to skip out on this?? I’m actually a bit worried.. Unless he’s got a trick up his sleeve for this..?? 🤞🏼 😩🤞🏼

  19. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid7 months ago

    Can y’all plz restock on the bubblegum collectors box

  20. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork7 months ago

    If they heart my comment...

  21. Ozzip

    Ozzip7 months ago

    Have roman come back and ill cop for sure

  22. d dedrick

    d dedrick7 months ago

    But roman is dead...why make the can

  23. R6 LGND

    R6 LGND7 months ago

    When are these coming to Canada

  24. Iñaki Gonzalez

    Iñaki Gonzalez7 months ago

    i was waiting for roman to pop out :/

  25. doleboy

    doleboy7 months ago

    Only bad thing about this flavour is that it’s related to Roman Atwood :/

  26. HAD AHD

    HAD AHD7 months ago

    We need KEEM back! :(

  27. Mickey Smeme

    Mickey Smeme7 months ago

    But does gfuel have caffien

  28. Flamango

    Flamango7 months ago

    G fuel if paid like 20$ Would you make a container of G. fuel with like 10 times the amount of caffeine

  29. npgilbertson / Mezitury

    npgilbertson / Mezitury7 months ago

    Go get caffiene powder off Amazon. Be very careful tho.

  30. Warden Harper

    Warden Harper7 months ago

    Can I buy it with a credit card like a visa

  31. The Professional Amateurs

    The Professional Amateurs7 months ago

    When will cans ship to Canada

  32. EFFORT

    EFFORT7 months ago

    The dream is to have GFUEL be sold anywhere, cans and tubs in stores and gas stations

  33. Adam Mattson

    Adam Mattson7 months ago

    I miss roman :(

  34. Nutterz

    Nutterz7 months ago

    It felt like crab rave 😂

  35. White Stick

    White Stick7 months ago

    Geezzz this is making me more thirsty!

  36. MarioMadness

    MarioMadness7 months ago

    I feel like a crab rave is waiting to happen at any moment

  37. Ben Pendergast

    Ben Pendergast7 months ago

    yeah. i dont even remember who that person is... lol

  38. Nicole Silva

    Nicole Silva7 months ago

    Who else thinks Brittney is pregnant and that is why they are staying off the internet? They are going to come back in a few months with another long vlog documenting her pregnancy and introducing their new baby!

  39. MrThor3232

    MrThor32327 months ago

    That makes some sense they did talk about it before they went MIA. The thing has me to say no is in Gilroy's videos he always has the comments disabled.

  40. Lucas Hansen

    Lucas Hansen7 months ago

    rip murica only :'(

  41. Roy Hoy!

    Roy Hoy!7 months ago

    R.I.P. Roman Atwood.

  42. ChrisK3211

    ChrisK32117 months ago

    I hope all is good with Roman, strange that he wouldn't even give an explanation as to why he's left. It hasn't been the same since he lost his mum unfortunately 😔

  43. Rhys Hayward

    Rhys Hayward7 months ago

    is this a hidden message that roman is coming backkkkkkk???????

  44. Rizzle

    Rizzle7 months ago

    When will the cans be available in uk/ireland

  45. Fenax

    Fenax7 months ago


  46. The Box Don

    The Box Don7 months ago


  47. Swagey

    Swagey7 months ago

    I was in some crab rave vibes lol

  48. M4N D0R1AN

    M4N D0R1AN6 months ago

    Same my guy

  49. Steel

    Steel7 months ago


  50. A Ansari

    A Ansari7 months ago

    We need Roman back, missing his vlog so much

  51. Hayden Jackson

    Hayden Jackson7 months ago

    Ok but where is Roman

  52. Treasure Hunt Picker

    Treasure Hunt Picker7 months ago

    Really wish roman would advertise this in a upcoming vlog....oh wait...

  53. Revicity

    Revicity7 months ago

    Just waiting for these to be in stores :D

  54. Samurai

    Samurai7 months ago

    Its just sugar water

  55. Imtoocrazy

    Imtoocrazy7 months ago

    Blake Gross same same

  56. Blake Gross

    Blake Gross7 months ago

    Revicity i got one in store at a sheetz

  57. water husky

    water husky7 months ago

    trip me gfuel

  58. DeVon Jackson

    DeVon Jackson7 months ago

    I had it today sooooo good 👍

  59. TSK

    TSK7 months ago

    zurjimedia got talent

  60. F2LMikey

    F2LMikey7 months ago

    Looks good

  61. Purity

    Purity7 months ago

    When will they come to Canada

  62. Joseph Stalin

    Joseph Stalin7 months ago

    This legit tastes like mango to me, i'm not even kidding !

  63. tapsweet Top 10

    tapsweet Top 107 months ago

    Anyone tried this?? Any good??

  64. dylantheop

    dylantheop7 months ago

    Wait, Roman Antwoord still exists? Ugh, I thought we got rid of the blighter...🙄

  65. Ms18killergirl

    Ms18killergirl7 months ago

    Roman ☹️❤️

  66. b Kishan

    b Kishan7 months ago

    Roman at wood come out

  67. Santi

    Santi7 months ago

    Where is Roman?

  68. Sam Kibler

    Sam Kibler7 months ago

    Anyone else think that he stopped making vids cause he has enough money. Maybe he never really did it for the fans

  69. VPR Zellow

    VPR Zellow7 months ago

    Where has roman been

  70. Flex_Morjens

    Flex_Morjens7 months ago


  71. Krazzf

    Krazzf7 months ago

    Can’t wait to get my starter kit

  72. Rich Evicks

    Rich Evicks7 months ago

    They cut Romans parts out of the commercial... Feels bad man

  73. GWP games

    GWP games7 months ago

    The real thing we are waiting for is roman... where are youuuuuuuuu

  74. Shady

    Shady6 months ago

    EpicGamerawesome69 E he hasn’t uploaded in a bit

  75. EpicGamerawesome69 E

    EpicGamerawesome69 E7 months ago

    GWP games what are you talking about

  76. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock7 months ago

    That 4k tho

  77. ZurjjMedia

    ZurjjMedia7 months ago

    Gottta keep the quality crispy ;)

  78. Rex Society

    Rex Society7 months ago

    Roman :(

  79. Sage.-

    Sage.-7 months ago

    I'm still waiting for my g fuel 😣

  80. Rusty_Ghost15

    Rusty_Ghost157 months ago

    Me too

  81. Ibraheem B17

    Ibraheem B177 months ago


  82. Connor Pence

    Connor Pence7 months ago

    Where has Roman been?

  83. Amie De Voll

    Amie De Voll7 months ago

    Where is Roman???

  84. Simthe Siman

    Simthe Siman7 months ago


  85. Jus The moose

    Jus The moose7 months ago

    They should make a drink with alcohol in it

  86. Scart

    Scart7 months ago

    Bad idea 😂😂

  87. Yankee6628

    Yankee66287 months ago

    So basically one of the old four lokos

  88. Dom Oxley-thorne

    Dom Oxley-thorne7 months ago

    When he coming back

  89. Almond 15

    Almond 157 months ago

    Smile More

  90. Nugget Pinnaple

    Nugget Pinnaple7 months ago

    I’ve been waiting for these

  91. ulisesk 928

    ulisesk 9287 months ago

    Same bro

  92. miracqbronPR

    miracqbronPR7 months ago

    I nutted

  93. Juice Rip

    Juice Rip7 months ago


  94. Nick

    Nick7 months ago

    When Roman Atwood coming backkkk?!?!

  95. Sam Smith

    Sam Smith4 months ago


  96. Chrisss

    Chrisss7 months ago


  97. F4Z3Heatless

    F4Z3Heatless7 months ago


  98. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast7 months ago

    I got the cans at a sheetz like two months ago

  99. Scart

    Scart7 months ago

    This is kinda sad since roman hasnt posted in so long :(

  100. Yuseiygopro

    Yuseiygopro7 months ago

    How funny would it be if he left youtube for storyfire that cheese off youtube 😂

  101. Dyslexchic98

    Dyslexchic987 months ago

    @Makel The Gamer you don't know that yo

  102. Makel The Gamer

    Makel The Gamer7 months ago

    Scart Roman left because he wasn’t getting the views he wanted

  103. Josue Guevara Molina

    Josue Guevara Molina7 months ago

    big facts, i miss his vlogs

  104. XxmaxgrxX

    XxmaxgrxX7 months ago

    Sick 😝😝

  105. Prime Gaming16

    Prime Gaming167 months ago

    I love Bahama Mama its so good!

  106. Matthew Flores

    Matthew Flores7 months ago

    What happened to Roman

  107. Subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Subbing to everyone who subs to me7 months ago

    Matthew Flores it’s because he was not getting the views he want

  108. Team Innocence

    Team Innocence7 months ago


  109. Sean Garbutt

    Sean Garbutt7 months ago

    Let's go roman

  110. Freddy Boy

    Freddy Boy7 months ago

    I’m buying

  111. saltzi

    saltzi7 months ago


  112. DiorYuhh

    DiorYuhh7 months ago



    AIDANATER7 months ago

    Free gfuel for ur man's?

  114. Iwillfebrezeyou _

    Iwillfebrezeyou _7 months ago


  115. ThatWHITE kid

    ThatWHITE kid7 months ago


  116. Habeebzz

    Habeebzz7 months ago


  117. YoFlowz

    YoFlowz7 months ago

    "Don't lie who else is a FĀN of gfuel before 2020🐌" "ɪᴍ ɢīғᴛɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏ○ɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ Łɪᴋᴇs ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ"🎁

  118. Daigoro

    Daigoro7 months ago


  119. Sasha The Pig

    Sasha The Pig7 months ago


  120. Marcos Serrano

    Marcos Serrano7 months ago

    Use code trever

  121. Nitruux

    Nitruux7 months ago



    SICKNICKERONI7 months ago