2 days. Another new Flavor. What could it be? What does it taste like?? What does it look like??? Has #GFUEL gone mad with power?! I can't keep up! I'm scared! Find out more


  1. Tariq Harvey

    Tariq HarveyMonth ago

    Shout out to Nick Merola for writing those columns in the newspaper

  2. Josh the turnip

    Josh the turnipMonth ago

    I’ll upload a review video on my channel come check it out.

  3. Luo Lol

    Luo LolMonth ago

    Lol they copy pasted the text cause they said they should of made the font bigger

  4. Knowledge Bear

    Knowledge BearMonth ago

    Bruh, I just spent money on the buy one get one free and as soon as I purchase it I see a notification for this, lmao.

  5. Prince Penguin

    Prince PenguinMonth ago

    I like how they literally said the name of the GFUEL flavor cheeky

  6. AK97

    AK97Month ago

    i work for the C.I.A and can confirm it's the best one yet

  7. Rome De Julio

    Rome De JulioMonth ago

    im getting it

  8. Pastagamingboi

    PastagamingboiMonth ago

    peach cobbler

  9. Zeptr

    ZeptrMonth ago


  10. The unknown gaming

    The unknown gamingMonth ago

    It’s cod

  11. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    I hope it’s a new version of cotton candy, I think that because I saw cotton candy packets added to ‘build your own box’

  12. 2pac _

    2pac _Month ago


  13. Declan A Anstock

    Declan A AnstockMonth ago

    Pumpkin spice

  14. Skip xd

    Skip xdMonth ago

    Next thing will be G-Fuel Nuclear war flavour

  15. Mohammad Yousuf

    Mohammad YousufMonth ago

    Is it black ops cold war theme?


    FΓΞΝCΗ SØUΡMonth ago


  17. Lezbunny69

    Lezbunny69Month ago

    First off I read everything and think whoever did this commercial was geeked on gfuel and a little ADHD!! But the blacked out print makes me think it may be black ops cold war related❓❔ I hope anyways. 🤔

  18. Bearforce

    BearforceMonth ago

    It's honey flavour

  19. HAASY

    HAASYMonth ago

    Alright but when i buy this I hope it’s not going to take a month like the other 7 tubs I just got

  20. Jonah Marie R. Sebastian

    Jonah Marie R. SebastianMonth ago

    Is it mario flavor?

  21. Tabman

    TabmanMonth ago

    SCP themed gfuel? xd

  22. TheAlanDude

    TheAlanDudeMonth ago

    I wonder what this is inspired from HmMmMmmmM

  23. Muovipullo

    MuovipulloMonth ago

    Is Mystery flavor finally back?!

  24. Crazysirb 223

    Crazysirb 22320 days ago


  25. CMShortboy

    CMShortboyMonth ago

    Guys, it's obviously Thanksgiving Leftovers.

  26. Skipper Fishy

    Skipper FishyMonth ago

    They quite simply MUST make a GFUEL and Call of Duty Collab

  27. Z

    ZMonth ago

    i bet it has something to do with cold war i see it

  28. J2C

    J2CMonth ago

    Guys its Confirmed, Its Bath Water, If ykyk

  29. Who’s Joe

    Who’s JoeMonth ago

    xqc flavor?

  30. Abel Pony

    Abel PonyMonth ago

    Best served Cold, like the Russian Front.

  31. Militant Pacifist

    Militant PacifistMonth ago

    PLOT TWIST: Classified flavor is going to be Belle Delphine’s bath water.

  32. Crazysirb 223

    Crazysirb 22320 days ago

    That’s exactly what it is

  33. BrianTXW

    BrianTXWMonth ago

    This is why your parents left you

  34. Jaden Bou

    Jaden BouMonth ago

    pack a punch


    POKENARMonth ago

    I swear to god if this is Cold War themed and NOT based around one of the perk sodas.... Eggnog for Juggernog would be perfect given the time of year, actually.

  36. Nyx

    NyxMonth ago

    So is nobody else getting BO1 intro vibes?

  37. Tesaeiner is rookie

    Tesaeiner is rookieMonth ago

    Can gfuel come to Africa 🥺

  38. MikeTheQuick

    MikeTheQuickMonth ago

    Wait. It said the 27th. That's black Friday. Is it not peach cobbler?

  39. Kaydn Hawthorne

    Kaydn HawthorneMonth ago

    It's gotta be bees and used medical needles.

  40. Jrcraft

    JrcraftMonth ago

    Well, the newspaper clipping confirms it's not bathwater flavor. yes, I read that.

  41. Jrcraft

    JrcraftMonth ago

    So you could say its a mystery flavor?

  42. x Ztirfboy_

    x Ztirfboy_Month ago

    Donald Trump gfuel

  43. Osiel Caballero

    Osiel CaballeroMonth ago


  44. Black Killer

    Black KillerMonth ago

    R.I.P Diego Armando Maradona.

  45. Pokster

    PoksterMonth ago

    It would be cool if this is a SCP flavour

  46. JaksonGlenn

    JaksonGlennMonth ago


  47. Mozetty

    MozettyMonth ago

    Man I miss pineapple

  48. S0M30N3 ACTUA11Y

    S0M30N3 ACTUA11YMonth ago

    GFUEL should do a flavor called “Crankin’ 90’s Cola”

  49. Adam

    AdamMonth ago

    No. That fucking sucks

  50. CallybobCOD.R6

    CallybobCOD.R6Month ago

    It’s definitely a Cold War flavour

  51. Eldr1tch

    Eldr1tchMonth ago

    Omg is mystery coming back?!?

  52. look at channel description BRUH

    look at channel description BRUHMonth ago

    element 115?

  53. look at channel description BRUH

    look at channel description BRUHMonth ago

    cold war x g fuel

  54. Harold Torres

    Harold TorresMonth ago

    Could be an orange flavor if its the same flavor?

  55. Yoda

    YodaMonth ago

    el goblino flavor

  56. Dylan McChesney

    Dylan McChesneyMonth ago

    Isn’t this the flavor with Savinthebees??? Or is that coming up

  57. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    So far only a shaker

  58. Jordan Buttari

    Jordan ButtariMonth ago

    Pumpkin spice 🤞

  59. Finding the E

    Finding the EMonth ago

    Scp - 7465 Class - safe Effects - puts any being that consumes it in a godly sort of state Other information - [REDACTED]

  60. Sayed sultan M

    Sayed sultan MMonth ago


  61. Domination

    DominationMonth ago

    G-Fuel X Cold War? 😂

  62. PhantomDogman

    PhantomDogmanMonth ago

    It's flavor that was in tweet replies to tweet: "Last food that you ate we will make it as Gfuel flavor." Or something along those lines.

  63. OSMAN omar

    OSMAN omarMonth ago

    They acting like this is national broadcast

  64. Yampa

    YampaMonth ago

    i bet its gonna taste like pins and paperclips

  65. TreyTheWilliam

    TreyTheWilliamMonth ago

    Sonic Peach Rings 2

  66. Fares Swaiss

    Fares SwaissMonth ago

    Uhhh cocain?

  67. Arran

    ArranMonth ago


  68. SonDestiny

    SonDestinyMonth ago

    Don’t you get it it doesn’t have any theme the theme is CLASSIFIED

  69. MARmario25 !

    MARmario25 !Month ago

    If it's call of duty I'll take it

  70. peter müller

    peter müllerMonth ago

    Pls be summits

  71. StaTic Lime

    StaTic LimeMonth ago

    Call of Duty Cold War Zombies: Juggernaut Flavor - Cherry Cola

  72. Jesse R.V

    Jesse R.VMonth ago

    It does sound good

  73. StaTic Lime

    StaTic LimeMonth ago

    @Erick Rodriguez True

  74. Erick Rodriguez

    Erick RodriguezMonth ago

    It is gfuel so maybe Speed cola or Stamin up

  75. Fe4rero

    Fe4reroMonth ago


  76. Chαrσ

    ChαrσMonth ago

    Idk probably Quick Revive, no one can tell unless they bought this flavor ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  77. kirk munro

    kirk munroMonth ago

    If this is finally the re release of mystery flavour

  78. ThattacusBoiius

    ThattacusBoiiusMonth ago

    I’d cry

  79. Horse GUY

    Horse GUYMonth ago

    Cold War flavor let’s go

  80. Jaxon Hines

    Jaxon HinesMonth ago

    Pumpkin spice lol

  81. AJ Campbell

    AJ CampbellMonth ago

    Will the Black Friday bogo still be egible when this comes out

  82. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    @AJ Campbell wait, peach cobbler is in the sale too, so maybe this will be too But I'm unsure

  83. AJ Campbell

    AJ CampbellMonth ago

    @Tat sheeit that sucks I definitely would’ve ordered this flavour as 1 of my 2 tubs on the bogo

  84. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    New flavors are not included This comes out on the 26th, midnight eastern time

  85. aden12nd

    aden12ndMonth ago

    Actually there is one bad flavor spicy demonade tastes like pizza dough raw

  86. aden12nd

    aden12ndMonth ago

    Is this a mystery flavor

  87. Vertodox

    VertodoxMonth ago

    Lmao, imagine if it would be bath water

  88. Jxyrxss

    JxyrxssMonth ago


  89. Quantum Hacks

    Quantum HacksMonth ago

    plot twist, the flavor is actually air

  90. Jesse R.V

    Jesse R.VMonth ago

    Gfuel shoud make a collab with Guardians of the galaxy and have a flavor called Groot beer or groot beer float

  91. Jesse R.V

    Jesse R.VMonth ago

    @Punctuate not exactly like that

  92. Jesse R.V

    Jesse R.VMonth ago

    @Jonah Marie R. Sebastian That will be awsome

  93. Punctuate

    PunctuateMonth ago

    Ew I dont wanna drink groot

  94. Jonah Marie R. Sebastian

    Jonah Marie R. SebastianMonth ago

    No how bout mario collab? The flavor will be Mushroom Flavored Juice

  95. Skipper Fishy

    Skipper FishyMonth ago

    GFUEL is taking notes

  96. ZEZREZツ

    ZEZREZツMonth ago


  97. David Guzman

    David GuzmanMonth ago

    The all new gunpowder Flavor

  98. TheSkyLife

    TheSkyLifeMonth ago

    I’m ready!

  99. DJ decoder

    DJ decoderMonth ago

    Bath water

  100. Ξonz

    ΞonzMonth ago

    56th comment lesgo e dit hi gfuel pin this please

  101. DSVTgaming

    DSVTgamingMonth ago

    black ops flaor

  102. EpicRealPro Yt

    EpicRealPro YtMonth ago

    Am I the only one who sees bots saying PLS help me hit 1k my dad will buy me a new pc or something?

  103. L2 Diego

    L2 DiegoMonth ago

    I want it

  104. xerezFN

    xerezFNMonth ago

    I just ordered ragin gummy fishy and got bubblegum for free

  105. It’s Rammy

    It’s RammyMonth ago

    It’s honey or pumpkin’s limited time

  106. Milind Thakker

    Milind ThakkerMonth ago

    xqc gfuel??????

  107. DANYA YTꪜ

    DANYA YTꪜMonth ago

    Грустный факт: этот комментарий не наберёт даже 5 лайков😭🙏

  108. nugsdageek

    nugsdageekMonth ago

    interestingg. lool

  109. jaarmu

    jaarmuMonth ago

    Where's Fruit Punch and Sour Cherry?

  110. jaarmu

    jaarmuMonth ago

    @JR Rodriguez same

  111. JR Rodriguez

    JR RodriguezMonth ago

    Facts I need answers those are my favorite flavors

  112. Kayjay ._.

    Kayjay ._.Month ago

    Yeah! Where are they

  113. Not so slow 4.0

    Not so slow 4.0Month ago


  114. eyal carrol

    eyal carrolMonth ago

    Lets go boys two days

  115. QuestionNotMark

    QuestionNotMarkMonth ago

    bet you this flavor is [REDACTED]

  116. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLERMonth ago

    Every comment is like first 1st

  117. Chubby Cham

    Chubby ChamMonth ago

    I hope it’s bacon and eggs flavor

  118. CyRuS

    CyRuSMonth ago

    It's the new COD cold war

  119. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gamingMonth ago

    Can’t wait for electric shock to make a video about this

  120. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 2Month ago

    Same bro

  121. GusBuster1024

    GusBuster1024Month ago

    Jaydog gaming 😂😭

  122. WhyDidIPickTheName?

    WhyDidIPickTheName?Month ago

    Calling it, it’s their 5th faze type drink, seriously we don’t need that many Faze house drinks

  123. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    Why not?

  124. Marco Silva

    Marco SilvaMonth ago


  125. Gethin 3994

    Gethin 3994Month ago


  126. felix foster

    felix fosterMonth ago