Gamer's Got Talent

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  1. YT APEX

    YT APEX3 months ago

    Mwr killcam

  2. ElamGG

    ElamGG3 months ago

    0:01 i did :(

  3. The Abusement Park Esports

    The Abusement Park Esports7 months ago

    Any update on the winning submissions???

  4. Mytheros

    Mytheros7 months ago

    We're currently in the final round right now. Submissions are due by 6/11 and then we find out later in the month who won

  5. Cake boi

    Cake boi7 months ago

    Who is that

  6. xDyllie

    xDyllie8 months ago

    Who won??

  7. Ryftxツ

    Ryftxツ8 months ago

    They Quiet Now

  8. Ryftxツ

    Ryftxツ8 months ago


  9. Darksnipe

    Darksnipe8 months ago

    Thank you for this opportunity! Hope we talk soon

  10. PlatinumPerfect

    PlatinumPerfect8 months ago


  11. PlatinumPerfect

    PlatinumPerfect8 months ago

    Checkout my submission on my channel 😁

  12. j22man

    j22man8 months ago



    NCGMX _DRIP8 months ago

    I've made my video if anyone wants to check it out

  14. Speekth

    Speekth8 months ago

    im ready i just sent mine im waiting for a answer

  15. zParil

    zParil8 months ago

    Round 2 gang 😎

  16. StuHub

    StuHub8 months ago

    Good luck everyone ❤️

  17. Steven James

    Steven James8 months ago

    I can already see the cringe.

  18. Azaru

    Azaru8 months ago

    Hope 🙏

  19. Ethan_g

    Ethan_g8 months ago

    bro where do you find a hooters outfit dawg

  20. TheGaming Buddha

    TheGaming Buddha9 months ago

    Time to get grinding 💪🔥

  21. James Oliver

    James Oliver9 months ago

    Thanks everyone who checked out my submission!

  22. MumblesTV

    MumblesTV9 months ago

    Go check out my man D4RK wizards gaming video!

  23. Next_Music

    Next_Music9 months ago

    Whats the song name?

  24. MikeLeePitt

    MikeLeePitt9 months ago

    Well nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'm in.

  25. kosmon stellar

    kosmon stellar9 months ago

    I'll think about it 🤔

  26. flimflamflum

    flimflamflum9 months ago

    can kids do it?

  27. Kirk94

    Kirk949 months ago

    flimflamflum if your 13+

  28. Crazydave 733

    Crazydave 7339 months ago

    I’m just wondering how many people are doing this?

  29. DragonitePlayZ

    DragonitePlayZ9 months ago

    so um i bought 2 tubs and they havent even gotten confirmed yet

  30. wizzle

    wizzle9 months ago

    It’s the rona virus it’s gonna come a little bit late

  31. Charles Bélanger

    Charles Bélanger9 months ago

    When did you ordered them?


    ELIYA FUN TIME9 months ago

    Hi friend! Thanks for sharing! Full view and like#233 from us! Let's stay connected!🌷🌷🌷

  33. NightFlame

    NightFlame9 months ago

    Yes Theory? Is that you?

  34. Mohsen Alshami

    Mohsen Alshami9 months ago

    I don't think anyone can beat him 😅

  35. Ace Hardy

    Ace Hardy9 months ago


  36. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR9 months ago


  37. Extraction

    Extraction9 months ago

    I’m doing whatever I can for this sponsorship I’m a gfuel snorting sweat so I’m ready for whatever

  38. Tasselab 28

    Tasselab 289 months ago

    When is it ending?

  39. Tasselab 28

    Tasselab 289 months ago

    @ThisChannelCANTget10,000Subs thx

  40. ThisChannelCANTget10,000Subs

    ThisChannelCANTget10,000Subs9 months ago

    May 5th

  41. Sr. Waffle

    Sr. Waffle9 months ago


  42. David Wartorious Beck

    David Wartorious Beck9 months ago

    Ohh nice - Pewds drinks this!

  43. Double Up

    Double Up9 months ago

    Who’s excited

  44. One First

    One First9 months ago

    People can get a GFUEL sponsorship from tik tok? Smh

  45. Azaru

    Azaru8 months ago

    One First I swear if a tiktoker wins a sponsorship from gfuel I’m gonna cry

  46. Billyisbored Yt

    Billyisbored Yt9 months ago

    epic gamer momento

  47. SamiSZN 冥

    SamiSZN 冥9 months ago

    I’m a gfuel snorter so I need to win

  48. Extraction

    Extraction9 months ago

    You stole this comment

  49. Pluto V2

    Pluto V29 months ago

    This comment made me laugh. Thank you!

  50. Faseeh Ul hassan

    Faseeh Ul hassan9 months ago

    Who is this guy

  51. Nelsony

    Nelsony9 months ago

    haha gamers aint got talent

  52. Branden K

    Branden K9 months ago

    hoping this isnt their big announcement

  53. Denexe

    Denexe9 months ago

    How about being best top comments?

  54. IHateOwls

    IHateOwls9 months ago


  55. FCS Richyamer

    FCS Richyamer9 months ago

    Where do i send my clips

  56. Dusk Night

    Dusk Night9 months ago

    Im game i got loads of game clips or videos for you

  57. Brandon Dog

    Brandon Dog9 months ago

    I wish

  58. Slimyfishszn

    Slimyfishszn9 months ago


  59. BadBunny2079

    BadBunny20799 months ago

    I'm not even subbed and I'm still early

  60. Suki

    Suki9 months ago

    Same bruh

  61. LJ Wrighty

    LJ Wrighty9 months ago


  62. Tomo 420

    Tomo 4209 months ago


  63. Lil Peach

    Lil Peach9 months ago


  64. YopYart

    YopYart9 months ago

    My gfuel hasn’t came yet

  65. BoobyMan69

    BoobyMan697 months ago

    Yeah mine has been almost 2 months

  66. josh miller

    josh miller9 months ago

    I ordered mine just about two weeks ago and no confirmation of it being shipped out yet... come on clifffffffffff

  67. YopYart

    YopYart9 months ago


  68. Erick Ford

    Erick Ford9 months ago

    mine is a week late

  69. Ethan Venier

    Ethan Venier9 months ago

    Hello I’m 2nd

  70. robin

    robin9 months ago


  71. Good gamer xl

    Good gamer xl9 months ago