G FUEL Sour Blue Chug Rug - IN A CAN!!

FaZe Rug's very own Sour Blue Chug Rug - now available in a ready-to-drink can! Get it here: gfuel.com/


  1. Bright-chikweru Godanswer

    Bright-chikweru Godanswer26 days ago

    faze rug

  2. Helix

    Helix3 months ago


  3. RockStar HVS

    RockStar HVS4 months ago

    I love this drink and i love your merches

  4. get busy living

    get busy living5 months ago


  5. Mr Noob

    Mr Noob6 months ago

    I watch faze rug

  6. Jordan Gonza

    Jordan Gonza7 months ago


  7. Hansika Prasad

    Hansika Prasad7 months ago

    I want free chug rug

  8. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YT16 days ago

    That can't happen mate

  9. Yung Chriz

    Yung Chriz7 months ago


  10. Jayden Colreavy

    Jayden Colreavy7 months ago

    Keemstar ruined both G FUEL and Faze Rugs brand. No support for either of you.

  11. rOOKIE -_-7

    rOOKIE -_-78 months ago

    Rug is stupid

  12. Obaid AlSuwaidi

    Obaid AlSuwaidi8 months ago

    Is it a energy drink ?

  13. BilalOglanN

    BilalOglanN3 months ago

    yes it is

  14. Nick

    Nick8 months ago

    I'm drinking this right now it's not good

  15. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork6 months ago

    Is the tub any better?

  16. Subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Subbing to everyone who subs to me8 months ago

    Sub to faze rug and look his vids are so good

  17. BOLT

    BOLT8 months ago

    why they diont have this in belgium :(

  18. ThePs3maniack

    ThePs3maniack6 months ago

    Yeah sucks, but you can order tubs from webshops in the Netherlands tho. Ship to Belgium in only a day or 2

  19. LuisSZN

    LuisSZN8 months ago

    Ama get that shis!

  20. SnipedSnipersRBLX

    SnipedSnipersRBLX8 months ago

    Man This guy got rug hisdrinkhimself

  21. Szenaシシ moonlight

    Szenaシシ moonlight8 months ago

    hey! gfuel my friend said your sponsering us soon and we get free g fuel! and he said its because he dm'ed you saying that we made a new clan called TC logic or just TC! thank you for this and have a great service!

  22. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila4 months ago

    Bruh you have 3 subscribers?

  23. Clever Devils

    Clever Devils8 months ago


  24. KwaklesHD - Minecraft & More

    KwaklesHD - Minecraft & More8 months ago

    am i the only one who thinks their should be a gfuel flavour called *BeastBerry* *they should really partner up with mrbeast*

  25. Zoey Rodriguez

    Zoey Rodriguez8 months ago

    FaZe up 👌

  26. Zoey Rodriguez

    Zoey Rodriguez8 months ago

    Is it get irate

  27. Daniel

    Daniel8 months ago

    If you want to promote something don’t use faze rug as the thumb nail

  28. Kevin Budzynski

    Kevin Budzynski8 months ago


  29. أحمد التركي جيمنج /Ahmed El turky Gaming

    أحمد التركي جيمنج /Ahmed El turky Gaming8 months ago

    I beg you I have a games channel, I hope for your support

  30. JuniorHas0IQ

    JuniorHas0IQ9 months ago

    Who keeps on thinking that the picture on the can is a skull trooper from fortnite instead of FaZe Rug😂😂😂

  31. Karma

    Karma9 months ago

    Petition for FaZe rug to change his name for FaZe carpet.

  32. Six-String Phantom

    Six-String Phantom9 months ago

    Not gonna lie, way back when I first heard of this "G Fuel" through the rise of Fortnite.. I thought it was a running gag or joke. I'm only realizing now that this is an actual drink.

  33. Gwøffz BTW

    Gwøffz BTW9 months ago

    I would buy so many of these but only ship in US

  34. Beby kids

    Beby kids9 months ago


  35. Only ReY

    Only ReY9 months ago

    please bring it to Azerbaijan

  36. Ratha KH

    Ratha KH9 months ago

    This will not appear in my country sad tho 😢

  37. Paekx

    Paekx9 months ago

    Why can't these be at my 7-11 lmao

  38. Edward Biglang-awa

    Edward Biglang-awa9 months ago

    If g fuel didn’t have caffeine I would buy it like crazy

  39. Jack Lodge

    Jack Lodge27 days ago

    there are caffeine free versions...

  40. Hào Shuffle

    Hào Shuffle9 months ago

    pewdiepie drank thiis

  41. Kosova dardania

    Kosova dardania9 months ago

    Pls make gfuel in Europe

  42. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YT16 days ago

    Go to USA and get one

  43. Its Cloudy1

    Its Cloudy19 months ago

    Get this at da golo

  44. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling9 months ago

    They released Sour Blue Chug Rug in a can before Ragin' Gummy Fish in a can. Smh

  45. HarlanFelcher

    HarlanFelcher9 months ago

    This stuff is gross

  46. Alexthenewboi

    Alexthenewboi9 months ago

    Um yeah yo can i get a free one??

  47. Man_like_ma 1

    Man_like_ma 19 months ago

    Just ordered my 12 pack now waiting for it to come in 🤪 so excited

  48. TheAlexis45

    TheAlexis458 months ago

    @Rehtric you are not wrong

  49. Rehtric

    Rehtric8 months ago

    Fortnite big gayyy

  50. Rantuber

    Rantuber9 months ago


  51. Gang time

    Gang time9 months ago

    What stores

  52. Noobsteri

    Noobsteri9 months ago

    shipping to eu? ever?😢

  53. Isaku

    Isaku9 months ago


  54. Dubz__

    Dubz__9 months ago

    Got one yesterday at sheetz 😁

  55. Spooky Toast

    Spooky Toast9 months ago

    Did it give you the sheetz

  56. Junior88227

    Junior882279 months ago

    Rug let me be your slave

  57. angeldyc2003

    angeldyc20039 months ago

    Hopefully I get it

  58. Ahmad Hidayathulla

    Ahmad Hidayathulla9 months ago

    Early gang

  59. Ohboi14

    Ohboi149 months ago

    300 MG? That's a little bit too much

  60. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling9 months ago

    @Supertimerocket Right, but everyone drinks other things that have caffeine in it, too. Two of these cans would be 600 mg, which would be too much imo. Everyone is different, though.

  61. Supertimerocket

    Supertimerocket9 months ago

    Ohboi .35 not for an adult

  62. dylantheop

    dylantheop9 months ago


  63. MrGamerMarcus77YT

    MrGamerMarcus77YT16 days ago


  64. ItsDevin

    ItsDevin9 months ago

    If this comment gets the most likes could I get a free set of this?

  65. L.E Eriksson

    L.E Eriksson9 months ago

    300mg caffein? damn you tryna give us a heart attack while we play. Gulag is enough of an adrenaline rush...

  66. Ultra fusion C

    Ultra fusion C24 days ago

    I’m pretty sure u read it mega gram it mili gram so close to coffee

  67. Rantuber

    Rantuber8 months ago

    Really make me 😳

  68. Lava Is bad

    Lava Is bad8 months ago

    k47w bruh I drank like 300mg of caffeine and I was fine

  69. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _9 months ago

    lmao, best comment.

  70. k47w

    k47w9 months ago

    i personally love the 300mg’s it keeps me awake and energized while the powder doesn’t really have an affect on me.

  71. CrXzyASF

    CrXzyASF9 months ago


  72. Mains

    Mains9 months ago

    I Want This So Bad💦🎮

  73. Noah07

    Noah079 months ago


  74. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _9 months ago

    When is gfeul ever gonna be in retail shops in the UK


    TYPICAL GHOST4 months ago


  76. francesca warner

    francesca warner9 months ago

    prolly not for a long time bc they aren’t even in all states in the us but u never know

  77. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _9 months ago

    @The sword88 few

  78. The sword88

    The sword889 months ago

    @AaronStr1k3z _ Uk is still located in Europe lol

  79. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _9 months ago

    @Der Bär i thought UK wasnt in the EU anymore

  80. Platinum Scrims

    Platinum Scrims9 months ago

    Will Gfuel soon become a world wide drink that will be available in stores?

  81. straight

    straightMonth ago

    @Imzi12 Golf Blitz same

  82. Imzi12 Golf Blitz

    Imzi12 Golf Blitz3 months ago

    I hope so

  83. Platinum Scrims

    Platinum Scrims4 months ago

    D3nk Herhz im 14 almost 15

  84. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz4 months ago


  85. gecko on lite

    gecko on lite6 months ago

    @Ikhix well I looked it up its a 78 miles drive

  86. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork9 months ago

    Ship to Canada, and the gods will bless you.

  87. You'reBoyBepis

    You'reBoyBepis7 days ago

    @the omega He means the cans, the powder can be shipped to Canada it's just more for shipping it across the Canadian-American border, but the cans can't be shipped to Canada because of certain caffeine regulations

  88. You'reBoyBepis

    You'reBoyBepis7 days ago

    The reason they can't ship cans to Canada (and a lot of other countries) is that the cans have 300 mg of caffeine per serving which is above a certain limit that can be in drinks in Canada. I think the limit is somewhere around 200 mg, but I live in America so I don't know too much about the laws up there.

  89. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork6 months ago

    @the omega Can you prove it, it says U.S. only.

  90. the omega

    the omega6 months ago

    @MarkusNetwork they ship to Canada

  91. MarkusNetwork

    MarkusNetwork8 months ago

    No they don't, they only are available to ship in the U.S.

  92. Hunter Prince

    Hunter Prince9 months ago


  93. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover9 months ago

    When’s this coming to stores

  94. Dubz__

    Dubz__9 months ago

    Clarencetookool PA

  95. AaronStr1k3z _

    AaronStr1k3z _9 months ago

    man i wish it was in all stores in the uk.

  96. Rantuber

    Rantuber9 months ago

    Already did

  97. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover9 months ago

    Dubz__ wait what state u live in cause Ik it’s slowly making its way across America

  98. Dubz__

    Dubz__9 months ago

    Ohboi .35 got one yesterday at the gas station

  99. Zeus Escobedo

    Zeus Escobedo9 months ago

    FaZe Up

  100. TG_Prime

    TG_Prime9 months ago

    I bought it LOVE IT!!!

  101. RileyGams

    RileyGams9 months ago

    This is cool but I’m sticking with tubs, too much caffeine

  102. RileyGams

    RileyGams7 months ago

    Dylan Smith na not the same I’ll just stick to tubs

  103. Mudbutt

    Mudbutt9 months ago

    300mg?! No way lol I'll stick to the 150 from the tubs

  104. Dylan Smith

    Dylan Smith9 months ago

    Don’t drink the whole thing

  105. Vertic

    Vertic9 months ago


  106. Piidgen Is A Birb

    Piidgen Is A Birb9 months ago

    5th comment, 153 view and 7th like

  107. Tigerclaw 203

    Tigerclaw 2039 months ago

    Milkiest Games nobody cares

  108. KAUGTT

    KAUGTT9 months ago

    FaZe UP

  109. Rehtric

    Rehtric8 months ago

    KAUGTT ewww Fortnite 🤮🤮

  110. MrBeast CLIPS

    MrBeast CLIPS9 months ago

    Since I’m the one who commented first, Can I get a free can

  111. keyapn

    keyapn7 months ago

    @AwareJoker lol

  112. MrBeast CLIPS

    MrBeast CLIPS9 months ago

    HOGWIRE thx for the support bro:)

  113. AwareJoker

    AwareJoker9 months ago

    the first person commented, "chuggle gluggle"

  114. AwareJoker

    AwareJoker9 months ago

    you didnt even comment first 😂

  115. Julian Lamparelli

    Julian Lamparelli9 months ago

    New can looks lit

  116. Statability

    Statability9 months ago

    thank you g fuel very cool

  117. Gee Way

    Gee Way9 months ago


  118. OCTANE

    OCTANE9 months ago


  119. Kalc

    Kalc9 months ago


  120. illusion- crafter

    illusion- crafter9 months ago


  121. Carlos Valencia

    Carlos Valencia9 months ago


  122. Bloxie Iced

    Bloxie Iced9 months ago


  123. Ferocious Entail

    Ferocious Entail9 months ago

    Chuggle gluggle

  124. Aaryaman

    Aaryaman8 months ago

    do you want to eat a pickle o everyone else is saying first in the comments but you were actually first 😂

  125. Ferocious Entail

    Ferocious Entail8 months ago


  126. Aaryaman

    Aaryaman8 months ago

    You were actually first lol