Logic x G FUEL

LOGIC has rejoined the G FUEL FAMILY! Bobby Boy is back, baby! And something tells me we’ve got some VERY BIG THINGS in store for all y’all! But not just yet! Soon though... Fuel Your Life at gfuel.com/



    WATCHABILITY2 months ago


  2. Jygako

    Jygako4 months ago


  3. Bakken Cutter

    Bakken Cutter4 months ago

    When will this be available?

  4. Mxniiz

    Mxniiz4 months ago

    has this came out?

  5. freezeing jack

    freezeing jack4 months ago

    what i just bought g-fuel and i did not see it :(

  6. Kxtana VFX

    Kxtana VFX5 months ago

    anyone has a idea when it is coming out?

  7. Joey Johnson

    Joey Johnson5 months ago

    If ur a og u remember this happend 4 and 2 years ago

  8. Vibranium Chips

    Vibranium Chips5 months ago

    Good old days but he’s back in it tho

  9. Unknown Guy

    Unknown Guy5 months ago

    Why does the Logic logo looks like the Coca-Cola logo style?

  10. jay Ok

    jay Ok5 months ago

    gfuel you guys should make a sour patch like flavor just an idea i had in mind i think it would be an amazing flavor 👍🏾.

  11. orbit. Hypr

    orbit. Hypr5 months ago

    what siong is this

  12. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro5 months ago

    Its called perfect

  13. Jacob Klein

    Jacob Klein5 months ago


  14. Anthony Silva

    Anthony Silva5 months ago

    What if there is a ninja turtle G fuel and The flavors are kiwi and blueberry or raspberry or orange or grape

  15. Coolcrudude

    Coolcrudude3 months ago

    YOOO! The shakers could be all the different turtles and the lid would match the color of their mask

  16. Wyatt Bradley

    Wyatt Bradley5 months ago

    Saw it coming

  17. MouseMacros

    MouseMacros5 months ago

    imagine doing a collab with logic, using one of his songs and then getting copy claimed

  18. Superior Emerald

    Superior Emerald5 months ago

    DCY Marcos if he did it wouldn’t have gotten claimed....

  19. Frosted Marcos

    Frosted Marcos5 months ago

    Maybe logic gave permission to gfuel to use the song

  20. MouseMacros

    MouseMacros5 months ago

    @Superior Emerald i know but its still dumb

  21. Superior Emerald

    Superior Emerald5 months ago

    They weren’t/aren’t gonna gain much from this video anyway

  22. Cheems

    Cheems5 months ago

    Damn i wish i could get G FUEL but its 40 dollars shipping i aint paying for that


    PARKER THOMAS4 months ago

    Where are you shipping to where I live, far from the gfuel warehouse and it only cost me 8 dollar shipping when I ordered like 4 days ago

  24. Sparky Explosion

    Sparky Explosion5 months ago

    Can y’all restock Miami nights plz

  25. Heavygunnertty

    Heavygunnertty5 months ago

    they probably wont its limited

  26. PurpShell

    PurpShell5 months ago

    Imagine getting demonitized for paying him money

  27. Imanol Rodriguez

    Imanol Rodriguez5 months ago

    Wheres BASTRINS own Gful

  28. TheMightyMuffinMan

    TheMightyMuffinMan5 months ago

    Damn cookies and cream GFuel would be good asf fr

  29. Kabuki Smiles

    Kabuki Smiles5 months ago

    Sold both of mine for $100 😅

  30. Ian Forgione

    Ian Forgione5 months ago

    Rename blue ice black ice and say inspired by rainbow six siege

  31. 11 kingsz

    11 kingsz5 months ago


  32. Dhruv Sharma

    Dhruv Sharma5 months ago

    Only ogs know the old shaked

  33. Oscar Duong

    Oscar Duong5 months ago

    Add ideal please for Europe

  34. Mrio

    Mrio5 months ago

    Something we never asked about, but we needed it.

  35. Fruity Orange

    Fruity Orange5 months ago

    yay, now im gonna rap so fast from his g fuel

  36. Vibranium Chips

    Vibranium Chips5 months ago

    If you use two p’s you’re spitting bars if you use one p you’re behind bars

  37. **

    **5 months ago

    Retires from rap so now he's a "gamer"? Nah, fam

  38. EhEh Ron

    EhEh Ron5 months ago

    I need that logic shaker I keep missing out. 🙏🏾

  39. Vlogs Kaptain

    Vlogs Kaptain5 months ago

    Claim your “here before a million view” ticket here

  40. ness wb

    ness wb4 months ago

    @MDsevN no you don't

  41. MDsevN

    MDsevN5 months ago

    ** I care actually

  42. **

    **5 months ago

    Nobody cares

  43. NeymarFN

    NeymarFN5 months ago

    Shaker cup is legit the ric flair cup

  44. JimmyJab

    JimmyJab5 months ago

    Pretty uninspired shaker tbh

  45. sanidhya kukreti

    sanidhya kukreti5 months ago

    first from india

  46. Octane

    Octane5 months ago

    Is it going to be a starter kit

  47. Zworis Games

    Zworis Games5 months ago

    I just bought my first starter kit

  48. Freakleak

    Freakleak5 months ago

    I thought he was over already

  49. DragonzBTW

    DragonzBTW5 months ago

    when you have 4 of that shaker cup bring a new one please

  50. Auxeses YT

    Auxeses YT4 months ago

    You have 4 of the logic shaker cups?

  51. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz5 months ago

    Can’t wait to drink his beats out of a cup

  52. Joey Johnson

    Joey Johnson5 months ago

    Let’s gooo

  53. Juan

    Juan5 months ago

    I NEED IT *expeditiously*

  54. GLORY

    GLORY5 months ago

    two of my favorite things. I call it the wombo combo

  55. Suprastitions

    Suprastitions5 months ago

    Restock asap

  56. Daniel San

    Daniel San5 months ago

    Trash like his music

  57. MoAb Lobbies

    MoAb Lobbies5 months ago

    Wow need to get this ASAP

  58. CENSO

    CENSO5 months ago

    yo gfuel lets collab i have 15 subs dude im practially famous at this point

  59. pizzasdce

    pizzasdce5 months ago

    Uuuh I was thinking doc but ok I guess

  60. Rolando Portillo

    Rolando Portillo5 months ago

    Wish that shaker would come back

  61. Hashir

    Hashir5 months ago

    Bruh gfuel should do a collab with dragon ball

  62. Monsterman1069

    Monsterman10695 months ago

    Is the cup also biracial ?

  63. Zeb Frinar

    Zeb Frinar5 months ago

    coulda sworn they had this shaker like a year ago

  64. Chαrσ

    Chαrσ5 months ago


  65. Jordan Horne

    Jordan Horne5 months ago

    GFuel, try an colab with Travis Scott, Drake, and post Malone

  66. Jordan Horne

    Jordan Horne5 months ago

    Is the logic cup coming back? 👀

  67. potanic_bc

    potanic_bc5 months ago

    Who ?

  68. cazzaisme

    cazzaisme5 months ago

    No way!

  69. YoMxrz

    YoMxrz5 months ago


  70. Xopher

    Xopher5 months ago

    My Favorite Energy Formula And My Favorite Rapper = W


    MUTTER BILK5 months ago

    why would you make a shit flavoured gfuel?

  72. Officialsayeed_ 41

    Officialsayeed_ 415 months ago


  73. XenomEnternity

    XenomEnternity5 months ago

    How to become a big business

  74. HighVoltageHd

    HighVoltageHd5 months ago


  75. scopezwrld

    scopezwrld5 months ago

    The worst rapper of all time

  76. TheIrishPotato25

    TheIrishPotato255 months ago

    LETS GOOOOO! When can I pick up one of those shakers? 🔥👀

  77. Remy Sao

    Remy Sao5 months ago

    That cup was like a damn supreme, nike dunk low drop. Never got one. Not failing this time.

  78. Nam3 just name

    Nam3 just name5 months ago

    Who's logic Not hate btw

  79. Fishdin 2

    Fishdin 25 months ago

    This title got me jaw dropped

  80. Itz David

    Itz David5 months ago

    hype about this

  81. spongebob1

    spongebob15 months ago


  82. MonsterPlayz

    MonsterPlayz5 months ago


  83. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero5 months ago

    Yesssss. Ima listen to logic now

  84. Black Killer

    Black Killer5 months ago


  85. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing5 months ago

    When Is the Shaker coming

  86. smug kid has bread

    smug kid has bread5 months ago

    Well the floral shaker cup come back in the shop

  87. Sav Chrižźż

    Sav Chrižźż5 months ago


  88. Trevor Remmen

    Trevor Remmen5 months ago

    When’s it restocking

  89. Vincent

    Vincent5 months ago


  90. Sage.-

    Sage.-5 months ago

    Wait when does it come out?

  91. Alex Koepfgen

    Alex Koepfgen5 months ago

    this is awesome

  92. Beeefalo

    Beeefalo5 months ago

    I’ve wanted this one forever.

  93. MaJJorTurfOfDroidd

    MaJJorTurfOfDroidd5 months ago


  94. Jackson Gaddy

    Jackson Gaddy5 months ago

    I use to like Logic, ya know, the rapper. Ehh, but the NeedleDrop just reviews him so poorly. I just don't care for his music anymore.- RonaldMcDonald in MeatCanyon's Just Beyond The Golden Arches.

  95. Retro Games

    Retro Games5 months ago

    Logic is actually a real nerd I. Real life

  96. SkateGame ScreamRepeat

    SkateGame ScreamRepeat5 months ago

    Now all we need is a nickmercs and logic flavor

  97. SpaceBoy46

    SpaceBoy465 months ago

    Cant wait

  98. Kell

    Kell5 months ago

    Oh, we are doing this again?

  99. Zink VFX

    Zink VFX5 months ago

    insta buy, missed this when it came out... months ago? maybe even a year or so idk,

  100. Zink VFX

    Zink VFX5 months ago

    @Snooze damn really? I didnt think I was drinking gfuel that long lol

  101. Snooze

    Snooze5 months ago

    Lol no its been years actually

  102. FaTe Recon

    FaTe Recon5 months ago

    Yo is that logic

  103. Takenking 2007

    Takenking 20075 months ago

    he back

  104. XGMX Panini

    XGMX Panini5 months ago


  105. Trash

    Trash5 months ago

    Can’t wait to taste Logic.

  106. kim

    kim5 months ago

    Logic ??!! I wonder what flavour it will be...still shocked

  107. Rin Jessy

    Rin Jessy5 months ago

    Hell yess!!! 👌🏼💖

  108. InSaNeNaChoz88

    InSaNeNaChoz885 months ago

    Hopefully they re release and I'm able to buy one this time around!

  109. Scorpp FN

    Scorpp FN5 months ago

    Polo G And David Dobrik need a flavor

  110. smokey

    smokey5 months ago


  111. LG Sense

    LG Sense5 months ago

    That’s fire 🔥

  112. Scorpp FN

    Scorpp FN5 months ago

    We Need a polo G or David Dobrik Flavor

  113. Just da youtuber

    Just da youtuber5 months ago


  114. vehndi fn

    vehndi fn5 months ago

    ayyhy okaynice beat

  115. Spinny

    Spinny5 months ago


  116. Clarkiee

    Clarkiee5 months ago

    another reason to drink gamersupps 😳