Introducing FaZeBearies!

The next generation of #GFUEL ENERGY INNOVATION has arrived! And with the help of the world’s GREATEST GAMING ORGANIZATION [FaZeClan] We bring you…FAZEBEARIES!!! The Official Energy Gummy Bears of esports!
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  1. Reino Nuopponen

    Reino Nuopponen22 days ago

    is this a april joke

  2. OperaticAdam

    OperaticAdam23 days ago

    I want this to be real

  3. Tanner Taviano

    Tanner TavianoMonth ago

    The new flinstone gummies?

  4. Skipper Fishy

    Skipper Fishy2 months ago


  5. Brody Imes

    Brody Imes3 months ago


  6. Helo There

    Helo There3 months ago

    First they make cocaine, then crystal meth, now edibles? I’m so down.

  7. Licorice Liam

    Licorice Liam3 months ago

    When I first looked at this I thought it was a FNAFxGFUEL thing

  8. Asht0n_ Kandeen

    Asht0n_ Kandeen3 months ago

    I got April fooled on September

  9. V A L N Y

    V A L N Y4 months ago

    April the 1st lmao


    KAMRYN FONTENOT4 months ago

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  11. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan Urquhart5 months ago

    they could’ve actually dropped these on april 1st and everyone thought they were an april fools joke

  12. XGMX Panini

    XGMX Panini5 months ago

    This would be awesome if it wasn’t fake

  13. VideoBashar

    VideoBashar5 months ago

    Their just vitamin gummies with a faze logo

  14. WindSeeker

    WindSeeker6 months ago

    Before checking the upload date: oh these look cool. After checking the upload date: Dang it!

  15. Daner Darkness

    Daner Darkness6 months ago

    I thought it said “Fazbears” and I was like wait is the going to be FNAF gummies by GFuel and Then I remember April fools day and realized it was FaZe, I feel betrayed

  16. JayAwesomeGames

    JayAwesomeGames6 months ago

    It's all fun and games until I accidentally eat all of them at once thinking it's candy and I transcend space and time.

  17. Jabb

    Jabb6 months ago

    make these a thinggggg

  18. Pa In

    Pa In6 months ago

    Coming soon? Yea late for April fool's this video was posted in......April 2

  19. Mr.Nobody

    Mr.Nobody7 months ago

    This should be a joke

  20. Mr.Nobody

    Mr.Nobody7 months ago

    Sugar free tf

  21. Gxdz •

    Gxdz •7 months ago

    Why these look like Flintstone gummies wtf

  22. RandoM

    RandoM7 months ago

    I actually want these

  23. BraedynFN

    BraedynFN7 months ago

    April fools

  24. Nathan Exists Probably

    Nathan Exists Probably9 months ago

    No joke I would buy this

  25. DanTheMan

    DanTheMan9 months ago

    Just bring back cocanut

  26. Music Wrld

    Music Wrld9 months ago


  27. 5weaty Vicky

    5weaty Vicky9 months ago

    cool buts its your joke for aprils fools

  28. BeansonVEVO Official

    BeansonVEVO Official9 months ago


  29. Fatal Temper Gaming

    Fatal Temper Gaming9 months ago

    Thought this said fazz bear-ies

  30. Obese ChairGummyPencilGripWindowCarIceBurgerMarker

    Obese ChairGummyPencilGripWindowCarIceBurgerMarker9 months ago

    You should make a flavor called “Blueberry Raspberry” Please.

  31. Declan Gustavson

    Declan Gustavson7 months ago

    They already have blue rasberry

  32. Fyphin

    Fyphin9 months ago

    Aye G-Fuel can I get sponsored bc I’m really good at gaming and will name my gamer tag G-Fuel and get y’all more clout plzzz

  33. Zx sanim

    Zx sanim9 months ago

    Can I get sponsored by u guys?

  34. KT_722

    KT_7229 months ago

    Idk if it’s real or is it an April fools joke

  35. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 696 months ago

    April fools joke

  36. Fakhran Radipan tv

    Fakhran Radipan tv9 months ago

    Tolong dong subscribe channel saya.

  37. AlanT49_

    AlanT49_9 months ago

    april fools lol

  38. Dominic King

    Dominic King9 months ago

    They should actually do it tho, great way to get a quick burst of caffeine

  39. Ryftz

    Ryftz9 months ago

    April fools. But could you for real make this

  40. I5G

    I5G9 months ago

    Why $30 for shipping?!

  41. ultra

    ultra9 months ago

    Enery formula nope enery gummy

  42. Sebastian bryndorf

    Sebastian bryndorf9 months ago

    I really hope it's real. would buy them instantly

  43. TwiT

    TwiT9 months ago

    These gfuel gummies will cure covid-19

  44. RedXI

    RedXI9 months ago

    Ya'll need Jesus.

  45. TIK-TOK

    TIK-TOK9 months ago

    Like who survived in 2020)

  46. Addonesseven

    Addonesseven9 months ago

    Ethan Fazeberry

  47. Lux

    Lux9 months ago

    Please make this real, it would be awesome

  48. Billy IsBored

    Billy IsBored9 months ago

    Energy Snackies?

  49. EstebanDC

    EstebanDC9 months ago

    Another product i will want to taste and i wont ever do, just like g fuel

  50. O

    O7 months ago

    Btw this was an April fools

  51. O

    O7 months ago

    EstebanDC where do u live, there are other sites that sell them, which could be in ur country, this will make shipping a lot cheaper.

  52. EstebanDC

    EstebanDC9 months ago

    I mean that ive always wanted to try the gfuel and I can’t because I can’t afford them and I don’t live in the us

  53. IkeaIseeyah

    IkeaIseeyah9 months ago

    I gotta get those

  54. Zak

    Zak9 months ago


  55. Tigerclaw 203

    Tigerclaw 2039 months ago

    Lmao I wish

  56. luke Mainwaring

    luke Mainwaring9 months ago

    I love gfuel if u make this

  57. brody vanderweerd

    brody vanderweerd9 months ago


  58. SkarmGamer

    SkarmGamer9 months ago

    Why is today April fools I want these so bad🤣🤣

  59. artiomas melnikov

    artiomas melnikov9 months ago

    is this a april fools or real?

  60. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 696 months ago


  61. MinE_RaIdZ

    MinE_RaIdZ9 months ago

    Ok look, this would sctually be dope if they costed the same as normal candy... but i know its gonna be like the crystals and cost way too much for how much u get. Especially if u live in different country’s like canada where our dollar is shit. Like i could go get a giant sourpatch bag from costo instead of buying one small pack of these so why would i buy this?

  62. Roc Johnson

    Roc Johnson9 months ago

    the energy boost, duh!

  63. L0SXD

    L0SXD9 months ago

    This better not be april fool joke @GFUEL!

  64. Jordyjord

    Jordyjord9 months ago

    Nah just stick to making better flavors

  65. Some guy

    Some guy9 months ago

    Just bring back pineapple and cocunut or something

  66. Chris

    Chris9 months ago

    Ima eat them all in less than a minute

  67. ELH27

    ELH279 months ago


  68. Juan Hernandez

    Juan Hernandez9 months ago

    Pectin or Gelatin?

  69. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast9 months ago

    This looks interesting

  70. R3X___X

    R3X___X9 months ago

    Oh boi flint stones gummy’s

  71. Segboard_master

    Segboard_master9 months ago

    i know it is a April fool's joke but this would be cool tho

  72. ID Temp

    ID Temp9 months ago

    Are those Faze berry vitamins?

  73. MrTHP

    MrTHP9 months ago

    april fools but would be cool to get some

  74. Elrilix

    Elrilix9 months ago

    Please don’t be an April fools joke

  75. Hasu

    Hasu9 months ago

    So... is this a joke or not??

  76. Alguna_cosa 69

    Alguna_cosa 696 months ago

    It is a joke

  77. Oscar Cardenas

    Oscar Cardenas9 months ago

    Send me some 😂

  78. Freak Magnet69

    Freak Magnet699 months ago

    If its the same price as a tub then hellllll no honestly i hope its a april fool joke

  79. GameTame

    GameTame9 months ago

    It is April, but that's actually like a great idea. Similar to how Gatorade makes energy chews

  80. Alexthenewboi

    Alexthenewboi9 months ago

    Wot april fools??

  81. Xeph0r

    Xeph0r9 months ago

    can we get a gfuel branded multivitamin in gfuel flavors plz dad

  82. MarioMadness

    MarioMadness9 months ago

    I'd prob buy these

  83. Cobra FatZ

    Cobra FatZ9 months ago

    April fools

  84. eggo

    eggo9 months ago

    how sick would they actually be though?

  85. Chompy

    Chompy9 months ago

    April fools

  86. X Phasma X

    X Phasma X9 months ago

    I’m going to be very pissed off if this is a joke

  87. TheClassyGamer Playz

    TheClassyGamer Playz9 months ago


  88. KarlGaff

    KarlGaff9 months ago

    April Fools = A time to throw out a crazy idea that people MIGHT like, if not.. *APRIL FOOLS*

  89. Random Guy

    Random Guy9 months ago

    Fazbearies? More like Fazbear

  90. LukkeBoy

    LukkeBoy9 months ago

    Nice april fools joke gfuel...

  91. Horary Zappy

    Horary Zappy9 months ago

    We all know that this will not come

  92. Dirtyellis

    Dirtyellis9 months ago

    That would be dope if this was real tho

  93. CIAB BeanS

    CIAB BeanS9 months ago

    Fr I want some

  94. Rockyray

    Rockyray9 months ago

    I really want these even tho it's fake

  95. VaqFN

    VaqFN9 months ago

    “Don’t lie who is a fan of GFUEL💤 "(ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ w/ notifications)🔤

  96. VaqFN

    VaqFN9 months ago

    “Don’t lie who is a fan of GFUEL💤 "(ɪᴍ ɢɪғᴛɪɴɢ ᴛᴏ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏᴏɴᴇ ᴡʜᴏ sᴜʙs ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ w/ notifications)🔤

  97. Walter Joon

    Walter Joon9 months ago

    Nice try but we all know its april fools haha

  98. AyyJayy25

    AyyJayy259 months ago

    Im gonna take 3 instead of 2

  99. FaTe Recon

    FaTe Recon9 months ago

    I swear I f this is an April fools prank

  100. Platinum Scrims

    Platinum Scrims9 months ago

    riskyfishy you play fortnite your too young for this.

  101. El Rouxo

    El Rouxo9 months ago

    I was so hyped to see this and then I remembered it’s April 1st.

  102. Just JEMM

    Just JEMM6 months ago

    @Lain yea

  103. Lain

    Lain7 months ago

    i was lookiing for it and then nothing im sad it was aril fools

  104. Sabarblade

    Sabarblade9 months ago

    Fun fact, this video was released on April 2nd. Have a look

  105. Domination

    Domination9 months ago

    El Rouxo same 😂

  106. Antonio Petrella

    Antonio Petrella9 months ago

    Please don’t be an April fools joke 😫

  107. Khalil Hussein

    Khalil Hussein9 months ago

    One of the first ppl :)

  108. DML x

    DML x9 months ago

    *L U L*

  109. Diamond Swords HQ

    Diamond Swords HQ9 months ago

    This is probably a April fools prank but damm I want some G fuel Flintstone gummies


    KAMRYN FONTENOT4 months ago



    KAMRYN FONTENOT4 months ago

    Me too

  112. Ilma The Trail Digger

    Ilma The Trail Digger9 months ago

    Better not be a April fools joke

  113. Aris Kandylis

    Aris Kandylis9 months ago

    April 1st

  114. Vinh Trinh

    Vinh Trinh9 months ago

    Wow it said 0 views but in the comment there’re more than 40 comments;))

  115. Its Luvose

    Its Luvose9 months ago

    please dont be an april fools joke..

  116. tacoclapper95

    tacoclapper959 months ago