Moonpie x G FUEL

World's Collide! G FUEL has proudly partnered with the delicious Marshmallow Sandwich that is MOONPIE! Fuel Your Life at



  1. BaconTaco

    BaconTaco6 months ago

    Why the hell does this exist

  2. Gabrial Duffey

    Gabrial Duffey7 months ago

    666 like

  3. anonymous kid reviews

    anonymous kid reviews7 months ago

    That looks yum Im gonna try and get that on my birthday

  4. Science Senpai

    Science Senpai7 months ago

    anonymous kid reviews did you get it

  5. sparky kills

    sparky kills7 months ago

    If gfuel do what footasylum do and bing the people they sponsor on videos to play games and others things then this youtube channel would be lit

  6. Gxdz •

    Gxdz •7 months ago

    anyone know when it's coming out

  7. SanQuiSau

    SanQuiSau7 months ago

    Guys. For this, please use milk

  8. Alias Plays

    Alias Plays7 months ago

    Can we have GFUEL sponsor spacestation gaming and have them drink moonpie

  9. no yes

    no yes7 months ago


  10. tommorowsbroadcast

    tommorowsbroadcast7 months ago


  11. Jaxon Wallace

    Jaxon Wallace7 months ago

    Please bring out a sour cola. I would buy multiple tubs and so would others.

  12. ACOG Batteries

    ACOG Batteries8 months ago

    Stop sponsoring Keem****

  13. MAXhealth_Twitch

    MAXhealth_Twitch8 months ago


  14. Your Mum

    Your Mum8 months ago

    Bruh the cup looks fire



    güzel kalan

  16. james estes

    james estes8 months ago

    Pina colada

  17. Patrick Sullivan

    Patrick Sullivan8 months ago

    Ok so know your telling me this has no sugar

  18. BereketYT

    BereketYT8 months ago

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  19. Scorpp FN

    Scorpp FN8 months ago


  20. Kobifys

    Kobifys8 months ago

    gfuel can you sponsor me I have 27k on TikTok .

  21. Lucas Hansen

    Lucas Hansen8 months ago

    lol i saw this on twitter and thought it was a fan creation

  22. Big Chungus

    Big Chungus8 months ago

    G stands for gay

  23. Tawfeeq Gathoo

    Tawfeeq Gathoo8 months ago

    Plz can u deliver to south africs


    JAINUL ABIDDIN8 months ago


  25. Z4CK 0512

    Z4CK 05128 months ago

    I subbed because pewds told me

  26. Dodomaken 450

    Dodomaken 4508 months ago

    This came from a fucking twitter joke

  27. that one hispanic

    that one hispanic8 months ago

    Next we are going to have a G Fuel MRE flavor

  28. Skinny Penis

    Skinny Penis8 months ago

    This flavor is probably going to be coconut juice mixed with chocolate milk ._.

  29. OGSkitzzy

    OGSkitzzy8 months ago

    Irk about This one kinda sounds stupid

  30. america haws

    america haws8 months ago

    If I can somehow get a moon pie shaker cup.....

  31. ClarityHJ

    ClarityHJ8 months ago

    Wrd looks heat

  32. Eagle Strike

    Eagle Strike8 months ago

    OMG I CANT WAIT !!!!!!

  33. fuckin Enny man

    fuckin Enny man8 months ago

    Yo it’s Mac tonight X G-Fuel

  34. byoonable

    byoonable8 months ago

    I like them fine on their own, but honestly I've had it with all these frou-frou candy flavors. Please make something that doesn't taste like chemical waste next plz thx.

  35. Onyx Guard

    Onyx Guard7 months ago

    Really? Most of the flavors are fruity. You haven’t even tried it yet so at least try it first

  36. PingReactions

    PingReactions8 months ago

    byoonable How about waiting and seeing what it taste like instead of being mad of the unique flavors they have been coming out with cause what other energy formula literally has a candy/Cakey flavor??. Exactly... and tbh there not even that bad,Strawberry shortcake was ok in my opinion.

  37. Warren

    Warren8 months ago

    And I thought demonade was weird

  38. VanHouten

    VanHouten8 months ago

    Its probably not a flavor, I would guess it's a shaker cup

  39. JettyG

    JettyG8 months ago

    one small step for man, one giant drink for me

  40. LucasMABRgaming

    LucasMABRgaming8 months ago

    ummm i thought this was a joke, PLZ MAKE A FLAVOUR!!!!

  41. Easton Lucas

    Easton Lucas8 months ago

    Ok so whats the next flavor?

  42. gununar

    gununar8 months ago


  43. Alex

    Alex8 months ago

    Out of all flavors, moon pie They should do instant noodles next

  44. lopez

    lopez8 months ago

    Doom to resident evil to a moon pie?

  45. Zeke Spoerke

    Zeke Spoerke8 months ago

    Can you guys do another logic shaker release? My shit got stolen😢

  46. Jacob Mann

    Jacob Mann8 months ago

    that shaker looks fire!! 0:12

  47. Billy IsBored

    Billy IsBored8 months ago

    Gfuel flavored Moon Pies or Moon Pie flavor Gfuel? Either way you have my card info, just order it for me.

  48. Yoda

    Yoda8 months ago

    I want, I need

  49. D A I J O U B U

    D A I J O U B U8 months ago

    They did it. These absolute madmen did it.

  50. hana

    hana8 months ago

    what’s a moon pie i’m foreign

  51. jorge ruiz

    jorge ruiz8 months ago

    Who is still waiting for the faze shaker to restock?

  52. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie8 months ago

    We should make a Cookies and cream flavor :))))

  53. Wardedcookie

    Wardedcookie8 months ago


  54. StickAnimation

    StickAnimation8 months ago

    Bro that shaker looks fire

  55. sam

    sam8 months ago

    Next collab Jojo bizzare adventures x g fuel?

  56. Awake

    Awake8 months ago

    friday the13th that would be awesome

  57. Anthony White II

    Anthony White II8 months ago

    Ok this is epic.

  58. Crash Phoenix YT

    Crash Phoenix YT8 months ago

    oh no

  59. roman garcia

    roman garcia8 months ago

    That sounds nasty but i wanna try it

  60. Amy Qc

    Amy Qc8 months ago

    Well, I’m gonna use milk with that one 😂

  61. asianonnoodles

    asianonnoodles7 months ago

    Logan McConnell big pp facts

  62. Kosog0NG

    Kosog0NG8 months ago

    @Bruh What's your problem?

  63. Amy Qc

    Amy Qc8 months ago

    Bruh Never said this was a joke 🥴✊

  64. Next_Music

    Next_Music8 months ago

    Milk Gang

  65. Sam Ward

    Sam Ward8 months ago

    Absolute fax

  66. Big Soldier Kurt

    Big Soldier Kurt8 months ago

    Is this happening because of that video u posted on your gfuel insta page that astronomical event?

  67. Mako Nii

    Mako Nii8 months ago

    I'm still confused. What's a Moon Pie?

  68. Payton MSTR

    Payton MSTR8 months ago

    It is a chocolate dessert with a marshmallow filling

  69. DuhRealKeanu

    DuhRealKeanu8 months ago

    Yes, that's all I got to say YES

  70. FloridaSky ツ

    FloridaSky ツ8 months ago

    Where's my Cookie Dough Ice Cream flavor? It's legit been 4 years asking lmao

  71. RedXI

    RedXI8 months ago

    Yeah nah...

  72. StickSuspekt

    StickSuspekt8 months ago

    no way

  73. wm nu

    wm nu8 months ago


  74. toastyTheEpic ツ

    toastyTheEpic ツ7 months ago

    Patranous I will try that

  75. Patranous

    Patranous8 months ago

    You can mix sour cherry with gummy fish and it's red sour patch kids Works with the other two sours for blue and purple. Lemonade will get you yellow sour patch kids.

  76. fearsomezq

    fearsomezq8 months ago

    But why

  77. GhostJim

    GhostJim8 months ago

    I will finally know what moon cheese tastes like.

  78. LucasMABRgaming

    LucasMABRgaming8 months ago

    dick cheese flavor

  79. Samir Mahmudov

    Samir Mahmudov8 months ago

    best energy drink ever danke pewdiepie for letting us know about G FUEL

  80. Steven Segura

    Steven Segura8 months ago

    moon fuel

  81. CopyCat

    CopyCat8 months ago

    This is a straight heart disease speedrun

  82. CaptainClark23

    CaptainClark238 months ago

    Holy balls. Did this you guys just cross paths on Twitter? Or has this been in the works for a while now? 😆

  83. CaptainClark23

    CaptainClark238 months ago

    Venomborn Omg, good point! I didn’t consider that even slightly. My bad. 😂

  84. Venomborn

    Venomborn8 months ago

    CaptainClark23 my guess is it’s been a while now, otherwise holy shit were they fast in making this CGI promo vid in like a day lol

  85. martymacaron1

    martymacaron18 months ago

    So this is a new flavour or what

  86. martymacaron1

    martymacaron18 months ago


  87. MadaraDUDE

    MadaraDUDE8 months ago

    Do some discounts pls. The shipping price outside the US is ridiculous

  88. Amy Qc

    Amy Qc8 months ago

    MadaraDUDE It’s not that ridiculous it’s just because US money cost a lot like for me the shipping is $10 and I live in Canada so in my money the shipping comes to 17$ approximately so for me in my CAD money a tub comes to 54$ approximately again


    EPICSHOOT3R158 months ago

    Oh my lord

  90. Duke

    Duke8 months ago

    excuse me

  91. Falling beds

    Falling beds8 months ago


  92. Jabir Shiri

    Jabir Shiri8 months ago

    😘😘😘😘😘😘😘love gfiel😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  93. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombie8 months ago

    gfuel is awesome ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸🛸

  94. Adam Robert

    Adam Robert8 months ago

    Floor gang

  95. Drizzle

    Drizzle8 months ago

    Can’t wait

  96. CallMeBenn

    CallMeBenn8 months ago

    I'm sorry what-

  97. Blaise Semons

    Blaise Semons8 months ago

    What's next Gfuel collab with honey buns? 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙏🙏


    EPICSHOOT3R158 months ago

    Pillsbury lmao

  99. angeldyc2003

    angeldyc20038 months ago


  100. Urmom

    Urmom8 months ago

    When they actually make chocolate water

  101. XGMX Panini

    XGMX Panini8 months ago

    Dude i get free chocolate water when i drink apple juice

  102. Jordyjord

    Jordyjord8 months ago

    ItsNotYeAlt we’re talking diet chocolate water

  103. ItsNotYeAlt

    ItsNotYeAlt8 months ago

    Somehow YooHoo made it good, so possibly they can to. And hot chocolate is basically chocolate water if you mix the powder with water.

  104. LastGamer415

    LastGamer4158 months ago

    LucasMABRgaming yeah 100%

  105. LucasMABRgaming

    LucasMABRgaming8 months ago

    u dnt have to use water lmfao, strawberry shortcake is better with milk

  106. MinusLife

    MinusLife8 months ago

    MoonFuel? Yes please and thank you. 🤤

  107. Valencia

    Valencia8 months ago

    Yall running out of ideas huh?

  108. BoobyMan69

    BoobyMan698 months ago


  109. Cason_

    Cason_8 months ago

    oh my god I thought they wre joking on twitter

  110. Heaven Rupert

    Heaven Rupert8 months ago

    Nobody: Bots: *DON’T LIE

  111. NXHUN

    NXHUN8 months ago

    at this point Gfuel is just collabing with everyone lmao

  112. L0l L0l

    L0l L0l7 months ago

    SYGHT yes

  113. Orm4n

    Orm4n8 months ago

    Can't wait for Dollar Tree x Gfuel

  114. Vortex 284

    Vortex 2848 months ago

    And its been working

  115. fazerdscar

    fazerdscar8 months ago


  116. SYGHT

    SYGHT8 months ago

    GFUEL X Mountain Dew

  117. Jogxogx 3

    Jogxogx 38 months ago

    Is there going to be a moon pie flavor then?

  118. america haws

    america haws8 months ago

    Jogxogx 3 I hope so.

  119. francesca warner

    francesca warner8 months ago

    who else saw the comment on ig

  120. fizzy gaming

    fizzy gaming8 months ago


  121. NI BBA DOG

    NI BBA DOG8 months ago

    I thought they were kidding

  122. TheSkyLife

    TheSkyLife8 months ago


  123. Diamond Swords HQ

    Diamond Swords HQ8 months ago

    What ok then

  124. Declan A Anstock

    Declan A Anstock8 months ago

    My favorite flavor of gfuel is fazeberry, reply to me yours

  125. gastiy789

    gastiy7898 months ago

    Spicy demonade

  126. o Jangmi

    o Jangmi8 months ago

    PewDiePie 👊

  127. II DEMON II

    II DEMON II8 months ago


  128. Voidy Claud

    Voidy Claud8 months ago

    Rainbow Sherbet

  129. Declan A Anstock

    Declan A Anstock8 months ago

    AZA lit

  130. eli 101 boss

    eli 101 boss8 months ago

    U suck stop making this

  131. wip nge

    wip nge8 months ago


  132. josh miller

    josh miller8 months ago


  133. Cinify

    Cinify8 months ago


  134. would you frick a creeper

    would you frick a creeper8 months ago

    1st I get free stuff?