G FUEL Dubmelon Mint - Inspired by TSM Daequan

Introducing G FUEL's newest flavor - Watermelon Mint AKA Dubmelon Mint! Inspired by none other than TSM Daequan. Sign up for early access today: gfuel.ly/dubmelon-signup
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  1. Hyapry

    Hyapry4 months ago

    whos here after it got vaulted 😭😭😭

  2. Natesh Garg

    Natesh Garg4 months ago

    :( at least u can still buy it on Amazon rn!

  3. Kendra Eberhart

    Kendra Eberhart6 months ago


  4. Adela Lozada

    Adela Lozada7 months ago


  5. TunaBread

    TunaBread7 months ago

    j i n k i e s

  6. RaG3_ morgan

    RaG3_ morgan9 months ago


  7. Charged Stork

    Charged Stork9 months ago


  8. Sting

    StingYear ago

    where the toes at

  9. DaVinci Wazowski

    DaVinci WazowskiYear ago

    What a sick promo

  10. Mailman Intherain

    Mailman IntherainYear ago

    I'm Mexican and I find this racist but that's just me ....snapchat saul_dabz for wholesale carts and wax also got packs gas packs

  11. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXshYear ago

    I wish I was sponsered by gfuel

  12. Your_Local_Wraith_Main レイス

    Your_Local_Wraith_Main レイスYear ago

    Gfuel gets stolen Daequan: REEEEEEEEE

  13. Aggamor

    AggamorYear ago

    this looks like scoobydoo

  14. Nova Rhino

    Nova RhinoYear ago

    Can we get jacksepticeye a flavor

  15. h8 r

    h8 rYear ago

    damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn dawg that add is so good

  16. iPitMyShants

    iPitMyShantsYear ago

    just add some Colgate to your watermelon tubs! why wasts money when you can do it yourself!

  17. LuvStxtic

    LuvStxticYear ago

    😂😂 Daequan

  18. Jackson007

    Jackson007Year ago

    Hey gfuel or anyone reading this when I make my gfuel it has an off aftertaste could someone please give me some tips to stop it

  19. Edwin Javalois

    Edwin JavaloisYear ago

    Jax .langford don’t add too much do a little less than full and it’ll taste good and won’t give you the bad taste

  20. riot 1k

    riot 1kYear ago

    No myth

  21. Pickle Juice

    Pickle JuiceYear ago

    Question will it have red#40 in it

  22. Oreo

    OreoYear ago

    Next thing we know there’s gonna be a kfc flavored GFUEL

  23. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz5 months ago

    I won’t doubt it

  24. Jack Guilar Beats

    Jack Guilar Beats7 months ago

    I just vomited in my mouth

  25. 『᥅ꪊᦓꫀ』

    『᥅ꪊᦓꫀ』9 months ago

    @Tilez ummmmm??????? how??????????

  26. Sock

    Sock9 months ago

    @Tilez were you from the future?

  27. Whozoski

    Whozoski10 months ago

    Flamin hot flavored gfuil

  28. It’sap

    It’sapYear ago

    Can you make g fuel for kids 7+ pls

  29. Clean X

    Clean XYear ago

    Could we get a sponsor?

  30. octane

    octaneYear ago

    Bro i thought that the blue one was myth

  31. Gobbzz

    GobbzzYear ago

    Sounds delish

  32. Solo.

    Solo.Year ago


  33. Benjo

    BenjoYear ago

    Good now we only need a kiwi flavor cuz there is no solo kiwi flavor yet

  34. ツidkMirror

    ツidkMirrorYear ago

    Why he sound different tho?

  35. The 9 Tailed Saiyan

    The 9 Tailed SaiyanYear ago

    Don't buy gfuel it actually tastes like shit

  36. The 9 Tailed Saiyan

    The 9 Tailed SaiyanYear ago

    @Jude Lucero lol muda phuca is my second account. I one time tasted water melon gfuel and I tasted so little that i couldn't even taste it

  37. Jude Lucero

    Jude LuceroYear ago

    What flavor did you get? I tried some amazing ones but tried some where i couldn't even drink it, like cotton candy and sour cherry😷

  38. Muda Phuca

    Muda PhucaYear ago

    @zoinks! headass by "shit" we mean bad. The creator of gfuel's christ

  39. The 9 Tailed Saiyan

    The 9 Tailed SaiyanYear ago

    @zoinks! wait you've been eating *POO* for 3 years...

  40. zoinks!

    zoinks!Year ago

    Wait, so this means you have actually ate *POO?* I've been drinking G FUEL for 3 years and your point is incorrect.

  41. Zachary Couch Vlogs

    Zachary Couch VlogsYear ago

    Watermelon and Mint doesn’t sound like a good combo tbh

  42. Sir Canister 2

    Sir Canister 2Year ago

    i used to eat these ice breakers watermelon mints and they were the bomb. it really is a good combo

  43. Pumpkal

    PumpkalYear ago

    It tastes pretty good ngl

  44. Mr Swag

    Mr SwagYear ago

    G FUEL is going off on flavors this month

  45. Junior Pereira

    Junior PereiraYear ago

    I swear he says chinkies or is that just me

  46. thesugarlime angel

    thesugarlime angelYear ago

    I see a bunch of fortnite players

  47. SteezyLab

    SteezyLabYear ago

    Yes a mint flavor!

  48. LaPandeirol

    LaPandeirolYear ago


  49. FortBox

    FortBoxYear ago

    I’m here waiting for bastrin to taste test this

  50. LandoADiffBreed !

    LandoADiffBreed !Year ago


  51. Miguel Rosales

    Miguel RosalesYear ago

    Why it gotta be watermelon tho

  52. Scrump

    ScrumpYear ago

    Not racist at all

  53. Alan Esquivias

    Alan EsquiviasYear ago


  54. No Name

    No NameYear ago


  55. SyrleX

    SyrleXYear ago

    Obviously the black guy wants a watermelon flavor

  56. Avocadbro

    AvocadbroYear ago

    🎶Dub melon mint where are you? I gotta collect them toes now🎶 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏽‍♂️🐕

  57. Banana Games

    Banana GamesYear ago

    the packs look so cool and it tastes so nice

  58. victardo official

    victardo officialYear ago

    calm the fuck down G fuel to meny new flavors stop robbing my credit card!!!

  59. victardo official

    victardo officialYear ago

    lets be honest the FLOSSING ruined the entire video

  60. Liliana Barbu

    Liliana BarbuYear ago

    That animation is scooby doo where are you?

  61. MAGIC 8B4LL

    MAGIC 8B4LLYear ago


  62. Zackaria Rifai

    Zackaria RifaiYear ago

    Is this scooby doo inspired?

  63. Zackaria Rifai

    Zackaria RifaiYear ago

    Just saw him say jinkies, nevermind, funny nonetheless

  64. R3lax

    R3laxYear ago


  65. Amanda G

    Amanda GYear ago

    Let’s goo

  66. JohnFromPhilly

    JohnFromPhillyYear ago

    Should have added cucumber

  67. I'm Adam

    I'm AdamYear ago


  68. Licery

    LiceryYear ago

    Another flavor already? 🙄😤

  69. Benjo

    BenjoYear ago

    @Licery oh ok

  70. Licery

    LiceryYear ago

    @Benjo I actually bought 7 flavors.

  71. Benjo

    BenjoYear ago

    And how many flavors have you bought🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  72. The Pale King

    The Pale KingYear ago

    Not as good as Lingonberry

  73. Blink VII

    Blink VIIYear ago

    That was dope

  74. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz5 months ago

    When are you getting a flavor?

  75. ThatRussian

    ThatRussian6 months ago

    Blink VII indeed

  76. Hardbass Senpai

    Hardbass SenpaiYear ago

    How do you type this

  77. abudD BUD

    abudD BUDYear ago

    love ur content keep it up! :D

  78. abudD BUD

    abudD BUDYear ago


  79. RedXI

    RedXIYear ago


  80. TheInFamous0013

    TheInFamous0013Year ago

    Hah I love the old scooby doo

  81. Maritza Pizza

    Maritza PizzaYear ago


  82. Civic The Rapper

    Civic The RapperYear ago

    Ye ever think you're making too many flavours for ppl to buy?

  83. Lzr_Krl

    Lzr_KrlYear ago

    Civic The Rapper nope, never enough

  84. Hedgehogs

    HedgehogsYear ago

    I wonder what Leffen thinks of this.

  85. WarKing

    WarKingYear ago

    Love Gfuel but watermelon and mint ? that sounds disgusting

  86. Nesquicc

    NesquiccYear ago


  87. 4Our 8ight

    4Our 8ightYear ago

    Why it has to be Skobby-Doo animation.... Like seriously.

  88. M Σ N T V L

    M Σ N T V LYear ago


  89. Szabó Bence

    Szabó BenceYear ago

    That Scooby doo style animation gave me nostalgy

  90. Jahseh shrek

    Jahseh shrekYear ago

    Halloween: passes G-fuel: Ah yes spooky time

  91. Bubble_boi

    Bubble_boiYear ago


  92. FatalKillsw1ch

    FatalKillsw1chYear ago


  93. Dowitos

    DowitosYear ago

    Yoinks scoobs!

  94. Da Bloody Ace

    Da Bloody AceYear ago

    Stop, I'm gonna go broke if. You keep doing this

  95. empty

    emptyYear ago

    @ScanTheMan it's a joke you should do what your name says and chill


    DELAY RAVEYear ago


  97. JR. Beast

    JR. BeastYear ago

    The classic scooby scenes I see

  98. Kairyuu Cruz

    Kairyuu Cruz5 months ago

    “Gimme them toes!”

  99. WhosDizzyyy

    WhosDizzyyyYear ago

    No please no

  100. Review movie wirld

    Review movie wirldYear ago

    Watermelon and. Mint? Wtf

  101. AvazieQ

    AvazieQYear ago

    @Benjo taste like candy watermelon

  102. Benjo

    BenjoYear ago

    Maybe idk it would mostly taste like a hard watermelon toothpaste

  103. meixzu

    meixzuYear ago

    Auto cop.

  104. Lion HIMSELF

    Lion HIMSELFYear ago

    Give me that collectors box boi

  105. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombieYear ago

    i love you gfuel 🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🔥🔥🔥 i cant wait to try it

  106. Just S4

    Just S4Year ago


  107. VygoHD ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻

    VygoHD ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻Year ago

    Who else has been a fan of Gfuel before 2019?! 🥰 👇🏽 I’m gifting my next 100 subs 💫

  108. Mudbutt

    MudbuttYear ago

    That's a lie and stop asking for likes....

  109. Yxng Buba

    Yxng BubaYear ago

    Only 19 comments holy shit

  110. V01dStorm

    V01dStormYear ago


  111. Panther 7798

    Panther 7798Year ago


  112. TheMixedJuices

    TheMixedJuicesYear ago

    Yoooo lets goo!!!!!!!

  113. Blake lingafelter

    Blake lingafelterYear ago

    i need some now but i’m a broke boy

  114. Messy Man Productions

    Messy Man ProductionsYear ago


  115. Froskur117

    Froskur117Year ago

    cmonBruh water melon

  116. Ninjy

    NinjyYear ago


  117. Allen Garcia

    Allen GarciaYear ago

    Dope dae

  118. 3hirty 8ight

    3hirty 8ightYear ago

    scooby doo and wheres myth

  119. My dog Swallowed a brick lol

    My dog Swallowed a brick lolYear ago

    ATC chilo ik that’s what I was thinking

  120. Tap

    TapYear ago

    Like this for nothing

  121. HighVoltageHd

    HighVoltageHdYear ago

    Oh yeah, this is gunna be an instant grab

  122. Zozo

    ZozoYear ago

    Loved the scooby style video and the flavor sounds top pog


    TTV STRANG3 YTYear ago

    About time !!! Let’s goooo !!!! 🔥

  124. proforever

    proforeverYear ago

    I want gfuel in India tooo

  125. Zozo

    ZozoYear ago


  126. Ratchet Reaper101

    Ratchet Reaper101Year ago

    Love the video gonna buy some

  127. ImZerkzyy

    ImZerkzyyYear ago

    No way....

  128. Art Osi

    Art OsiYear ago


  129. Bryanologi

    BryanologiYear ago