Butters' Star Fruit G FUEL

Inspired by none other than NoisyButters, G FUEL proudly presents: Butters' Star Fruit! Order yours today at gfuel.com/pages/butters-star-fruit.


  1. Nikki P.

    Nikki P.Month ago


  2. RubyLeveledUp

    RubyLeveledUpMonth ago


  3. jack

    jackMonth ago

    Cool but it is the most garbage flavour

  4. Ice_ema. exe

    Ice_ema. exe2 months ago

    Funny how they linked her gfuel but not her channel

  5. yuri guimaraes

    yuri guimaraes2 months ago

    Never heard of her but star fruit is pretty dope flavor

  6. Carl Brutananadilewski

    Carl Brutananadilewski3 months ago

    All I can think of is...

  7. Adam Novak

    Adam Novak3 months ago

    No idea who this girl is just wanted to check out the flavor but OMG Basset Hound

  8. CBlitz

    CBlitz3 months ago

    Can I get a flavor at 500k subs? Aka never :)

  9. Bred Dood

    Bred Dood4 months ago

    Beatem ups needs atleast a shaker

  10. Santiago Dunbar

    Santiago Dunbar4 months ago

    The most positive streamer out!

  11. Fluffmuff

    Fluffmuff4 months ago

    That hello everyone my name is noisy butters sounded wierd

  12. Sleepy_ Boi

    Sleepy_ Boi4 months ago

    I just baught it worth every penny

  13. Brini555

    Brini5554 months ago

    Bought a tub :)

  14. Rohit J

    Rohit J5 months ago

    Noisy jam

  15. Dom M

    Dom M5 months ago

    I’m taking a shit right now

  16. fm2 Amt

    fm2 Amt5 months ago

    I love the part where butters is dabbing use cobra for 30% off On GFUEL

  17. Joe Mama

    Joe Mama6 months ago

    she annoys me for some reason

  18. bruteiwnl

    bruteiwnl6 months ago

    At first when I went to the Gfuel website I thought the flavor was butter and i was like thats disgusting

  19. bruteiwnl

    bruteiwnl6 months ago

    2:02 I thought she grew a second arm on her left side. I was like whaaaaaaa

  20. SOL1C

    SOL1C6 months ago

    Butters finally got her own Gfuel flavor yes

  21. Sawyer

    Sawyer6 months ago

    Released on my birthday

  22. Dr. Lex Winter

    Dr. Lex Winter6 months ago

    Imagine what horrific stuff they did to her pooper to get into Faze with all those incels.

  23. David Rodriguez

    David Rodriguez6 months ago


  24. DMND Dank

    DMND Dank6 months ago

    I’m sorry boys but I’m gonna have to simp

  25. Doggos Calling

    Doggos Calling6 months ago

    If this drink have only a third of his energy this is the best energy drink

  26. eddie._.n0

    eddie._.n06 months ago

    How do star fruit taste like??

  27. Murks

    Murks6 months ago

    I see symps in the comments 👀👀👀

  28. Smoll doggo

    Smoll doggo6 months ago

    Hey g-fuel here is a warning don’t make a flavor for Charlie damileo even if she personally paid you to do you will lose money and fans basically a loose loose situation

  29. veldd

    veldd5 months ago

    Know.FeaR. Lol

  30. Know.FeaR.

    Know.FeaR.6 months ago

    So how do we tighten the situation?

  31. A mf with a Dad

    A mf with a Dad6 months ago


  32. Unrinxs

    Unrinxs6 months ago

    Is it a coincidence that I just found her channel 30 min ago

  33. xD DripzZ

    xD DripzZ6 months ago

    You guys should do a lyrical lemonade collab

  34. MVRE

    MVRE6 months ago

    Honestly so well deserved! ⭐

  35. FatMan Production

    FatMan Production6 months ago

    why you are soo nice?🤭

  36. 男ニンニク

    男ニンニク6 months ago

    S I M P D R I N K

  37. Team Ds

    Team Ds6 months ago

    Dear, Gfuel I have a team called Ds ( Dark Shadow) we play mainly fortnite we have 5 members 3 owners and I was hoping... even though you are probably not even gonna see this comment I was just hoping to see if you guys would try to help make this team big I believe this could be something of you guys think so as well just respond I guess Thank You :)

  38. WizardMan

    WizardMan6 months ago

    Used to watch her cod videos, still don't enjoy her

  39. WreckZ

    WreckZ6 months ago

    I wish I could get sponsored by gfeul but good for her

  40. Lyle Koeberg

    Lyle Koeberg6 months ago

    Nosiybutters is the best youtuber

  41. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey6 months ago

    not at all. She doesnt put in as much effort into her vids as many other USlikesrs.

  42. Recetas María Caracola

    Recetas María Caracola6 months ago


  43. Nick

    Nick6 months ago

    Ma I remember when she was showing off her Xbox collection

  44. Gxdz •

    Gxdz •6 months ago

    That 100k countdown killed me lol

  45. idont loveu

    idont loveu6 months ago

    G FUEL StremZ wanna get partnered i mean if u want he is buying so much G FUEL en he got partnered by Twitch its hes dream to get partnered with G FUEL en if he gets it, dont forget to use code stremZ in the G FUEL SHOP much love

  46. spacetree clubhouse

    spacetree clubhouse6 months ago

    Why is her voice so fucking high

  47. Zacko

    Zacko6 months ago

    I’ve actually never seen something good like this honestly happy for butters no I’m not a simp I love fuel and no I don’t own one but one day I will

  48. Dr. Lex Winter

    Dr. Lex Winter6 months ago


  49. Thirsty Thirst

    Thirsty Thirst6 months ago

    You know what I see in the comments Simps

  50. Crystalko

    Crystalko6 months ago

    Pewdiepie is subscribed to u!! Like this comment so she will see it

  51. Anour one

    Anour one6 months ago

    EW EW

  52. eggz

    eggz6 months ago

    *kid: gimme g fuel flavour or I will tell FaZe to do it.*

  53. Chocychip.roblox

    Chocychip.roblox6 months ago

    Fun Fact! The word Butters, in British is slang for Ugly!

  54. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey6 months ago


  55. Greyson6K

    Greyson6K6 months ago

    I'm suprised that it's not Butterscotch

  56. عمر محمد احمد عبدالوهاب

    عمر محمد احمد عبدالوهاب6 months ago

    Could u make G Fule Milk flavor that will be sic

  57. Mate Matkava

    Mate Matkava6 months ago


  58. Mate Matkava

    Mate Matkava6 months ago

    Make godzilla g fuel

  59. Anurag Deshpande

    Anurag Deshpande6 months ago

    We want g fuel in india

  60. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey6 months ago

    yes to fuel the tech support scammers

  61. Flachkraecker

    Flachkraecker6 months ago

    Noisy who?

  62. Borislav Vankov

    Borislav Vankov6 months ago

    Hey GFuel ! I have an idea to make a gfuel package that is medium size and looks like a proteoin package. If you know what i mean van you do ot please?

  63. Saadisdaone Boi

    Saadisdaone Boi6 months ago

    You really think that gfuel will even SEE your comment?

  64. OG-SPY1

    OG-SPY16 months ago

    its sad cuz you dont ship to morocco

  65. IDS Cyclops

    IDS Cyclops6 months ago

    United gamer next?

  66. Aiden Abreus

    Aiden Abreus6 months ago

    Smiling 24/7

  67. I like video Games

    I like video Games6 months ago

    She’s my favorite I’m so happy for her

  68. More-on

    More-on5 months ago

    *sniff I smell S I M P

  69. Crafty Connor

    Crafty Connor6 months ago

    Poz talk about peach rings

  70. Pepega Clap

    Pepega Clap6 months ago

    Ok looks heat, but I absolutely despise star fruit... Gonna have to sit this one out.

  71. Slash mw

    Slash mw6 months ago

    This melted my heart I remember when you were in Kemah stars team thrust 😭

  72. 0b100

    0b1006 months ago

    Give a flavor to KingGeorge

  73. Ajitarius

    Ajitarius6 months ago

    I love Hannah’s videos and now she has a flavour of GFUEL! So deserved. Well done! Look forward to reviewing it soon!!!

  74. Hayden Lovell

    Hayden Lovell6 months ago

    her hehe so cute

  75. žάςķчツgαмιиgッ

    žάςķчツgαмιиgッ6 months ago

    Did you just sponsored a thot -_- Stop screwing your reputation keemstar is enough

  76. Wallace Cortes

    Wallace Cortes6 months ago

    You aren’t ogs if u don’t remember her in thrust

  77. olmo_YT 82

    olmo_YT 826 months ago



    FΓΞΝCΗ SØUΡ6 months ago


  79. Dash

    Dash6 months ago

    Super proud of this human congrats butters

  80. Serpo

    Serpo6 months ago

    Butters has come such a long way! Congrats I’m so happy for you.

  81. Adam Kennedy

    Adam Kennedy6 months ago

    I better be able to use code butters

  82. Ian Forgione

    Ian Forgione6 months ago

    Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes you go butters

  83. MoistSkittlez

    MoistSkittlez6 months ago

    Grats butters🤍

  84. Des

    Des6 months ago


  85. Johnny Black

    Johnny Black6 months ago

    I’ve been a fan of butters for a while now and I’m so happy for her!

  86. S1Y MrZeroX710

    S1Y MrZeroX7106 months ago

    Who is she?

  87. 77 Paps

    77 Paps6 months ago


  88. Mc MakeLove

    Mc MakeLove6 months ago


  89. Glitchy

    Glitchy6 months ago

    Ngl am really feeling the packaging on the tub

  90. Zoey Wolfe

    Zoey Wolfe6 months ago

    The Golden TNT ik it’s literally perfect I need more girl gamers and gfuel collaborations

  91. RISE Rayy

    RISE Rayy6 months ago

    Hi I love butters

  92. Cody Ramey

    Cody Ramey6 months ago


  93. PotatoeRoss 123

    PotatoeRoss 1236 months ago

    You should make a Mr.Beast gfuel

  94. yikes

    yikes6 months ago

    Disgusting like her👹 shockflavor nowwwwe

  95. yikes

    yikes6 months ago


  96. Lunden Reid

    Lunden Reid6 months ago

    I wonder what that’s gonna taste like

  97. JR. Beast

    JR. Beast6 months ago

    That’s a cool looking tub

  98. NoisyButters

    NoisyButters6 months ago

    MY HEART. OMG I AM SO HAPPY thank yall for this opportunity ;v; I LOVE YOU GFUEL

  99. Recruit_IsFake

    Recruit_IsFake24 days ago

    Very well deserved, just wish I could still get your gfuel shaker cup now

  100. Tenma

    Tenma4 months ago

    Yeah totally 😏

  101. Wali Shehryar

    Wali Shehryar6 months ago

    NoisyButters nice

  102. Chris P

    Chris P6 months ago

    NGL, I started to tear up watching this. So happy for you!

  103. DC Reapper

    DC Reapper6 months ago

    Been here for a while i knew you would do it

  104. blicks

    blicks6 months ago


  105. Adednii N

    Adednii N6 months ago

    I hear star fruit i think now about fruit ninja

  106. DeVon Jackson

    DeVon Jackson6 months ago


  107. Merrick Munoz

    Merrick Munoz6 months ago


  108. Tim Tha man

    Tim Tha man6 months ago

    Yes finally

  109. beerdrinker85

    beerdrinker856 months ago

    What a good video!

  110. Devon Ferris

    Devon Ferris6 months ago

    Congratulations! I can't wait to get the shaker and gfuel collector pack! Will definitely be using code butters!

  111. Dikl_Pikl

    Dikl_Pikl6 months ago

    where is my bastrin gfuel

  112. Rewire STRIKE

    Rewire STRIKE6 months ago


  113. Jermaine Morales

    Jermaine Morales6 months ago

    Sliding into that early access instead of DMs because that's a king move!

  114. Alex Cruz

    Alex Cruz6 months ago

    Ima buy one rn

  115. weedblaster

    weedblaster6 months ago

    Do one with boxxy

  116. Aaronnn

    Aaronnn6 months ago

    give shock a flavor he needs it

  117. Aphidgamer 246

    Aphidgamer 2463 months ago

    It should be called Shock's Electric Berry

  118. CopleyTheFett

    CopleyTheFett4 months ago


  119. duckyyy

    duckyyy6 months ago


  120. Johnny Norton

    Johnny Norton6 months ago

    He does most of their promo work

  121. Nathan Medina

    Nathan Medina6 months ago

    Give Electric Shock a flavor