THE YEAR IS 2020: Cybernetic #GFUEL technology has become reality. “FRUIT PUNCH” has become - “CYBER PUNCH” - An ULTRA limited-edition, Cyber Week-EXCLUSIVE re-skin. The future is now. Fuel Your Future at


  1. Tidal

    Tidal7 days ago

    So there are a lot of problems with it??

  2. Blatante

    Blatante7 days ago


  3. TTV_Shxdow3586

    TTV_Shxdow3586Month ago

    I got this one and I love it

  4. dynamicc

    dynamiccMonth ago

    I bought the bundle and I do not regret buying it its worth it

  5. Must

    MustMonth ago


  6. A blubery

    A blubery8 days ago

    No its cyberpunk

  7. IvanPinesLol

    IvanPinesLolMonth ago

    This is definitely DrDisrespect’s flavor

  8. MemeMan

    MemeManMonth ago

    how to not play fortnite step one drink gfuel step two die at top 2 step three punch your monitor

  9. AGUS grt

    AGUS grtMonth ago

    Don't forget to go to my channel, friends

  10. You'reBoyBepis

    You'reBoyBepis20 days ago

    lol no

  11. Renaldo tan

    Renaldo tanMonth ago

    Why does this remind me of the brofist

  12. Pastagamingboi

    PastagamingboiMonth ago


  13. Sofa_King_Funny

    Sofa_King_FunnyMonth ago

    Fuck this company, ordered my biggest order yet few months ago and it never came, apparentally it got returned to them for some reason and they won't answer my emails...

  14. Newfie Johnson

    Newfie JohnsonMonth ago

    G-Fuel pls stop i am running out of money

  15. Default bro

    Default broMonth ago

    Looks good might get it

  16. Whizit

    WhizitMonth ago

    So this is the reason I could not restock my favorite flavor on last the bogo

  17. NUKE MRG

    NUKE MRGMonth ago

    Dude I ordered classified and snowcone on Thursday I hope it comes this week

  18. ItsNotYeAlt

    ItsNotYeAltMonth ago

    Drink it and the flavor will delay being tasted after saying it is ready to be tasted.

  19. Quivy

    QuivyMonth ago

    I would love some G Fuel but my mom wont buy me any :( its all good tho i love my mom

  20. Dirty Dan

    Dirty DanMonth ago

    Shut up and take my money

  21. A.J

    A.JMonth ago

    Had to cop my favourite flavour

  22. RobbDP 105

    RobbDP 105Month ago

    Pewdiepies new flavor bro fist punch

  23. martin stingers

    martin stingersMonth ago

    I just ordered a shaker!! Ahhh! Now I want that one!!! Ahhhhh

  24. S1ght

    S1ghtMonth ago

    ayy looks kinda fire

  25. Anthonydoes VR

    Anthonydoes VRMonth ago

    Let me guess it’s cyber punk

  26. ThatDudeNeon

    ThatDudeNeonMonth ago

    didn't the classified flavor release not a while ago?

  27. Mjolnir

    MjolnirMonth ago

    First: Cyber Punch Second: *One Punk Man*

  28. LBatista

    LBatistaMonth ago

    I waiting for Jungle Juice/The Juice...

  29. ky_Shane

    ky_ShaneMonth ago

    I like these flavors my wallet doesn’t

  30. Lezbunny69

    Lezbunny69Month ago

    Is this one punch man or cyberpunk?

  31. Azgardian Arachnid

    Azgardian ArachnidMonth ago

    Ya killin me gfuel i just got my last bogo in this morning and here you are re-releasing my favorite flavor AND it has an exclusive shaker?!

  32. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard UnboxingMonth ago


  33. Sleanks

    SleanksMonth ago

    When you get cyberbullied

  34. slvvr

    slvvrMonth ago

    i need this and razor gummy to finish my gfuel collection :)

  35. 5050 XYZ

    5050 XYZMonth ago

    They would release this after everyone already ordered the classified flavor.

  36. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago

    @halohaloband What if it's a new mix

  37. halohaloband

    halohalobandMonth ago

    Its just fruit punch but reskinned

  38. slvvr

    slvvrMonth ago


  39. DarkRainb0wKnight

    DarkRainb0wKnightMonth ago

    How often will cyberpunch be delayed?

  40. BarKnock

    BarKnockMonth ago

    Everybody saying One Punch Man, but the shaker is totally inspired by Cyberpunk 2077 lol

  41. BrianTXW

    BrianTXWMonth ago

    @Gage Amkn exactly

  42. Gage Amkn

    Gage AmknMonth ago

    Not to mention cyberpunk cyber punch how different

  43. BrianTXW

    BrianTXWMonth ago

    Literally no one said One Punch man

  44. Mike Wazowski

    Mike WazowskiMonth ago


  45. Antoine Durand

    Antoine DurandMonth ago

    Seems like one punch man

  46. Infinity Pgg

    Infinity PggMonth ago

    now this is epic

  47. Kepskey

    KepskeyMonth ago

    Is it good tho

  48. Ar Mango

    Ar MangoMonth ago

    I ordered gfuel and it has not arrived

  49. resi

    resiMonth ago


  50. Yevgeniy

    YevgeniyMonth ago

    Inspired by Saitama

  51. CheeseDude23 Yollman

    CheeseDude23 YollmanMonth ago

    I can hear the one punch man theme song just by watching the logo on the jar

  52. supreme pops

    supreme popsMonth ago


  53. UnKnoWn

    UnKnoWnMonth ago

    Damn if it only was released before the bogo ended

  54. Tautik Agrahari

    Tautik AgrahariMonth ago


  55. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    Day 2: please bring cottom candy back

  56. JujuPuggy

    JujuPuggyMonth ago

    901 views cool

  57. Havoc

    HavocMonth ago

    One Punch Man's new GFUEL Flavor!

  58. A blubery

    A blubery8 days ago

    It's cyberpunk g fuel

  59. Evan 8207

    Evan 8207Month ago

    @Adam yeah your right

  60. Adam

    AdamMonth ago

    @Evan 8207 I think it’s just for cyber week, it would say inspired by at the top

  61. Evan 8207

    Evan 8207Month ago

    That’s what I thought but I think it’s a cyberpunk collab

  62. Havoc

    HavocMonth ago


  63. BleuIsPog

    BleuIsPogMonth ago

    already DJ khaled would "Another one"

  64. Isiah Arbaiza

    Isiah ArbaizaMonth ago

    might buy

  65. Faze CleXy

    Faze CleXyMonth ago

    Now that i bought classified with the money i had now you release more flavors

  66. Dynimo _

    Dynimo _Month ago

    its a reskin

  67. crippling depression

    crippling depressionMonth ago

    I'm guessing that it's inspired by Cyber punk 2077

  68. RedArtCyndaquil

    RedArtCyndaquilMonth ago

    @N0neofy0urbusiness s it's not, too many weebs praying it is

  69. N0neofy0urbusiness s

    N0neofy0urbusiness sMonth ago

    @YTI Locks brruhhh pls tell me youre joking

  70. YTI Locks

    YTI LocksMonth ago

    No it’s inspired by one punch man

  71. Tat

    TatMonth ago

    Not officially

  72. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    Idk, when there’s a collab they get the logo in the tub right?

  73. lego brix productions

    lego brix productionsMonth ago

    hi g fuel

  74. Пажилой паук

    Пажилой паукMonth ago

    yeah boy

  75. Calzee

    CalzeeMonth ago

    Lesssss gooooo!!

  76. Itsbillz

    ItsbillzMonth ago

    Looks fire

  77. Sheos Manic

    Sheos ManicMonth ago

    I’m still waiting for my faze x collectors box I ordered it over a month ago and it says it was delivered which it wasnt

  78. Sheos Manic

    Sheos ManicMonth ago

    @JimJimWow it wasn’t there was someone in that day

  79. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago

    It was stolen prob

  80. Itsbillz

    ItsbillzMonth ago

    Bad luck

  81. Raimundo Kanaan

    Raimundo KanaanMonth ago

    If u put the word F I R S T you are gay



    it look good

  83. RileyGams

    RileyGamsMonth ago

    People that say “First” are cringe

  84. Exoticdragon667

    Exoticdragon667Month ago


  85. Idiotic Kid

    Idiotic KidMonth ago


  86. Pixto_22

    Pixto_22Month ago





  88. Oscar G

    Oscar GMonth ago

    @tasha You got it.

  89. Angel Sabas

    Angel SabasMonth ago

    Notification squad

  90. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gamingMonth ago

    Oh now you release more flavors right when black friday is over lol

  91. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gamingMonth ago

    @Señor Risgaard oh it is just a reskin of fruit punch check desc

  92. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gamingMonth ago

    @Señor Risgaard yea i hope not i mean not that im gonna get it but fruit punch is just fruit punch and it is a strong flavor

  93. Señor Risgaard

    Señor RisgaardMonth ago

    I Think is just a reskin for fruit punch

  94. MoreCrxwn

    MoreCrxwnMonth ago

    Claim your “here before a million views” ticket here.

  95. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 227 days ago

    @Rene Martinez true

  96. Rene Martinez

    Rene Martinez27 days ago

    yeah see you in like 2-3 years when it hits 1 million views

  97. Lexichal

    LexichalMonth ago


  98. Franciszek Kowalski

    Franciszek KowalskiMonth ago

    Won't be million

  99. 2smooth 2

    2smooth 2Month ago

    @Chronic Donut kinda true

  100. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo NavaMonth ago

    Now That’s A Punch 🤜

  101. Jesús Garcia

    Jesús GarciaMonth ago

    🥵🥵🥵 daddy chill

  102. Sav Chrižźż

    Sav ChrižźżMonth ago


  103. RileyGams

    RileyGamsMonth ago

    Oh shit

  104. Ya Boi Kryzon

    Ya Boi KryzonMonth ago

    That’s why fruit punch was taken off!




  106. Goose-_-

    Goose-_-Month ago


  107. Big Itchy

    Big ItchyMonth ago


  108. Tiger -_-

    Tiger -_-Month ago


  109. Poopie Peeper

    Poopie PeeperMonth ago


  110. Qw3rty

    Qw3rtyMonth ago


  111. Goose-_-

    Goose-_-Month ago

    We always knew the fortnite kids would be the ones saying "fIrSt"

  112. God Your lord and savior

    God Your lord and saviorMonth ago

    This is a definite buy

  113. Kevin Donosa

    Kevin DonosaMonth ago


  114. Tico Sus

    Tico SusMonth ago


  115. smokey24605 twitch smokey2460583

    smokey24605 twitch smokey2460583Month ago


  116. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago


  117. NoSweatBet K

    NoSweatBet KMonth ago

    Stop I need money

  118. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLERMonth ago


  119. Ei Ütle oma nime

    Ei Ütle oma nimeMonth ago

    Seems good

  120. Mough

    MoughMonth ago


  121. Momo Chunky

    Momo ChunkyMonth ago


  122. RileyGams

    RileyGamsMonth ago

    @JimJimWow hmmmmm 🤷‍♂️

  123. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago

    @RileyGams I dont

  124. RileyGams

    RileyGamsMonth ago

    @JimJimWow ok “Rodo Tv” haha at least I don’t comment first

  125. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo NavaMonth ago


  126. JimJimWow

    JimJimWowMonth ago

    @RileyGams you are too