Do you love G FUEL? Do you love TSM Daequan? Perfect. Introducing a brand new watermelon flavor with a hint of mint, inspired by TSM Daequan! Get yours today: gfuel.ly/dubmelon-launch
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  1. supreme pops

    supreme pops16 days ago

    I never tried this but it sounds like classified

  2. Alonzo Nava

    Alonzo Nava5 months ago


  3. Easton Lucas

    Easton LucasYear ago

    why mint?

  4. resonabledemon

    resonabledemonYear ago

    Make a snake oil flavor for bathrobe dwane

  5. Samyar

    SamyarYear ago

    How does gfuel work like how do you make it into liquid

  6. ᴀᴜssɪᴇ

    ᴀᴜssɪᴇ6 months ago

    @Professor fucking revolutionary ain't it

  7. Professor

    ProfessorYear ago

    you add the powder to water

  8. Niff

    NiffYear ago

    is the pewdiepie gfuel shaker never going to be restocked?

  9. Easton Lucas

    Easton LucasYear ago

    Love Dae but this sounds gross

  10. Bhargav Ramki

    Bhargav RamkiYear ago

    I'm here within the first min

  11. Joe Smyth

    Joe SmythYear ago

    Are you doing a bogo for Christmas?

  12. Ghost LP

    Ghost LPYear ago


  13. Jackson.laverty.12

    Jackson.laverty.12Year ago

    Why do yous not deliver to Northern Ireland

  14. Laura Lee

    Laura LeeYear ago

    Deaquan selected his own flavor and the combo of flavors are wonderful. Can we all just be happy for him and leave the negative comments out.

  15. thahomiebill

    thahomiebillYear ago


  16. Andjelkovic Jasmin

    Andjelkovic JasminYear ago

    So many new flavors in a short period of time. Gamma Labs, you'll make people poor if you continue like this:)

  17. N FORCE 5

    N FORCE 5Year ago

    This is so gross

  18. Mailman Intherain

    Mailman IntherainYear ago

    I'm Mexican and I find this racist idk that just me tho.... snapchat saul_dabz for wholesale carts wax and edibles got pack for different price ranges show love videos of everything

  19. GreenCheese

    GreenCheeseYear ago

    Slave Auction flavor

  20. Ryan Seavers

    Ryan SeaversYear ago

    Cus he’s black

  21. Jan

    JanYear ago

    why are taxes for shipping to germany soo high? $17 Shipping AND $18 Taxes is pretty high :/ A shipping center in europe would be soooo nice

  22. Ray Grenade

    Ray Grenade8 months ago

    @iTzCodes god tier comment

  23. flimflamflum

    flimflamflum10 months ago

    I live in UK and when I ordered gfuel it arrived 4 days later. So I don't know what the problem is there

  24. thahomiebill

    thahomiebillYear ago

    a european can dream 😔

  25. iTzCodes

    iTzCodesYear ago

    I know they wont have the new flavors but try looking for them on Amazon.

  26. Todo

    TodoYear ago

    If you taste a molecule of this grand Gfuel flavour then your COME HERE BOI voice volume will increase by 50%

  27. O2 Jarxd

    O2 JarxdYear ago


  28. Nesquicc

    NesquiccYear ago

    Minty Watermelon 🤢

  29. Raiden

    RaidenYear ago

    They put waterwelmon cuz he black 😭

  30. Maca Alpaca

    Maca AlpacaYear ago

    Looks like I’m asking mum for some more money

  31. Ethaneul Munn

    Ethaneul MunnYear ago

    Gfuel knows what they did What’s next KFC or grape Koolaid

  32. Fuzion Pulse69

    Fuzion Pulse69Year ago

    There already is a grape flavor and a watermelon flavor

  33. Brothy

    BrothyYear ago

    Ethaneul Munn and everyone’s quiet about it lmaooooo

  34. Nick Cecil

    Nick CecilYear ago

    Already copped

  35. UnbuiltTester FN

    UnbuiltTester FNYear ago

    Now all they need to do is make fried chicken inspired by hamlinz

  36. Khadar abdi

    Khadar abdi10 months ago

    why are you here

  37. I will defeat I will defeat yikes

    I will defeat I will defeat yikesYear ago

    Inspired by Kentucky fried chicken

  38. 2004 Kid :/

    2004 Kid :/Year ago

    U play fortnite get a life No u

  39. Yanick

    YanickYear ago


  40. Terga

    TergaYear ago

    Kinda racist tbh

  41. FaTe Recon

    FaTe ReconYear ago


  42. sam

    samYear ago

    so many fake faze members...


    RANDOW STUFFYear ago

    I was the hundredth like

  44. VilleMACPille

    VilleMACPilleYear ago


  45. lol simple

    lol simpleYear ago

    Tryhard 7

  46. NoahMaynardTV

    NoahMaynardTVYear ago

    Faze up

  47. Wouter 1

    Wouter 1Year ago

    i liek gfukl

  48. Emanuel

    EmanuelYear ago


  49. Toazt

    ToaztYear ago


  50. Abdalla Hussein

    Abdalla HusseinYear ago

    Daequan: Come here BOY Gfuel: We'll give you you're own Gfuel if you dont double pump us

  51. lol simple

    lol simpleYear ago

    @Abdalla Hussein go for it rooting for you bud👍👍

  52. yikes

    yikesYear ago

    @Abdalla Hussein yes

  53. Abdalla Hussein

    Abdalla HusseinYear ago

    @lol simple I know I should just kill my self

  54. lol simple

    lol simpleYear ago

    You just posted cringe

  55. Roc Johnson

    Roc JohnsonYear ago

    looks so darn epic!!!

  56. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXshYear ago

    I love daequan btw I wish I was sponsered by u g fuel

  57. Walsh4

    Walsh4Year ago

    @Yo crXsh don't add faze normally coz you sound like a wannabe bit your small channel so it doesn't matter, read his name

  58. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXshYear ago

    Mudbutt how about you don’t judge my name

  59. Mudbutt

    MudbuttYear ago

    @Yo crXsh change that horrible name lol

  60. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXshYear ago

    Woyd ok thanks for the advice

  61. Walsh4

    Walsh4Year ago

    @Yo crXsh make a better title and thumbnail and maybe you'll start getting views, maybe be first to upload where week whatever chals are but "Tinseltoe" won't help you grow

  62. Bryce Reynolds

    Bryce ReynoldsYear ago

    Could I have some for free please?

  63. sown

    sownYear ago

    already feelin' the taste...

  64. Ben Williams

    Ben WilliamsYear ago

    Sooo excited to try this

  65. what is behind me

    what is behind meYear ago


  66. Future Squad

    Future SquadYear ago


  67. Officer AtoZ

    Officer AtoZYear ago


  68. Hot Dawg

    Hot DawgYear ago


  69. Diamond Swords HQ

    Diamond Swords HQYear ago

    epic favour idea good job GFUEL!

  70. Kunaiedd

    Kunaiedd10 months ago

    they didn’t come up with it