Crash Bandicoot Wumpa Fruit G FUEL

CRASHing into your houses! NEW Wumpa Fruit G FUEL! Inspired by Crash Bandicoot himself! Fuel Your Life at
Fuel Your Life at


  1. redas plays

    redas plays2 days ago

    Yay the guy

  2. GS Zylo

    GS Zylo4 days ago


  3. Bekir Bičo

    Bekir Bičo5 days ago

    Probobly tastes like apple and mango

  4. Vented AimZ Z

    Vented AimZ Z7 days ago

    BRUH i just got blue chug rug

  5. Ashi Knight

    Ashi Knight11 days ago

    I hope this flavor stays I love it! I go to the corner store and buy as many as I can

  6. Church Flo

    Church Flo15 days ago

    My guy I think their more than just buddies.....

  7. AidenBlaze07

    AidenBlaze0719 days ago

    That is not the crash guy

  8. Frostyy

    Frostyy19 days ago

    Crash Bandicoochie

  9. Michael Hill

    Michael Hill23 days ago

    I approve of anything with the Crash suit guy

  10. Soren Hays

    Soren Hays24 days ago

    “Wompa juice” has become a joke in my family now lol

  11. felix foster

    felix foster27 days ago

    this man literally crashed through the window so hard it shook the wall and shelf beside it

  12. Aleksander Kaźmierczak

    Aleksander KaźmierczakMonth ago

    Video: normal commercial Video when paused at Perfect moment: warning crash banddicot is still hounting and killing people and beign a vandal and destroys Windows to kill you he is very dangerous

  13. Funny Five

    Funny FiveMonth ago


  14. Funny Five

    Funny FiveMonth ago


  15. Keith Kho

    Keith KhoMonth ago

    Sitpost status

  16. Pizza Boi

    Pizza BoiMonth ago

    Me arriving to my funeral: 0:05

  17. SMBen64

    SMBen64Month ago

    Hey there mustache man, your wost nightmare has arrived. PaCk uP YoUr StUfF

  18. Reino Nuopponen

    Reino NuopponenMonth ago


  19. whipnotcream

    whipnotcreamMonth ago

    g fuel makes the best ads

  20. Nova

    NovaMonth ago

    One question YALL, I’m 13 and am I treated I. Gfuel. Is it ok for me to have it. I don’t suffer from any disease and I don’t have any allergies or allergic reactions.

  21. Kaden Rooplal

    Kaden RooplalMonth ago

    Should they make a Mrbeast one

  22. dum nigyuh

    dum nigyuhMonth ago

    classified is my favorite flavor till i run out of it lol

  23. Jp

    JpMonth ago


  24. Kepskey

    KepskeyMonth ago

    Do classified and blue ice mix

  25. Daniel

    DanielMonth ago

    Can you deliver stuff faster

  26. Adrian Aguilar

    Adrian AguilarMonth ago

    Selling at target, Walmart, Meijer and Jewel-Osco

  27. splindoe

    splindoeMonth ago

    there's johnny?

  28. Sil

    SilMonth ago

    Day 3: please bring back cotton candy flavour please

  29. Vanilla Milk

    Vanilla MilkMonth ago

    Who is here from scrubby

  30. Russell Randall

    Russell RandallMonth ago

    Look 9-year-old try horse with bites

  31. Pastagamingboi

    PastagamingboiMonth ago


  32. شـــاهـــي SAHY

    شـــاهـــي SAHYMonth ago

    I would be grateful to anyone who subscribes to my channel ♥

  33. Richie.

    Richie.Month ago

    I can't wait to buy this.

  34. SuperVada

    SuperVadaMonth ago

    Been had it, been loving it.

  35. SuperVada

    SuperVadaMonth ago

    @chasity norwood Like a golden pear mixed with a golden apple.

  36. chasity norwood

    chasity norwoodMonth ago

    whats it taste like

  37. Samurai & Vesel

    Samurai & VeselMonth ago

    i wish cans shipped to Pakistan :(

  38. Braxton Richins

    Braxton RichinsMonth ago

    I have tried the cans and it is pretty good but the drink isn't purple like the inside of the wumpa fruit. It is more of a clear color like sprite.

  39. سيف المزروعي و اقطع

    سيف المزروعي و اقطعMonth ago

    I have 13 days left till Gfuel Arrives i waited a Whole Month

  40. Oliver

    Oliver29 days ago

    Where do you live? On an island? 🏝

  41. Hurted

    HurtedMonth ago


  42. Captiv Creative

    Captiv CreativeMonth ago

    This was so awkwardly funny I love it.

  43. Francisco Castro

    Francisco CastroMonth ago


  44. Lxcas

    LxcasMonth ago

    finna cop

  45. Fe4rero

    Fe4reroMonth ago

    He should’ve said “sorry for crashing this party, at least this drink doesn’t”.

  46. A Lion

    A LionMonth ago

    A Lion has approved these drinks

  47. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard UnboxingMonth ago

    It’s sooo good! Trust

  48. Mongoose ZAR

    Mongoose ZARMonth ago

    Cringe alert!!!

  49. ElectricShock

    ElectricShockMonth ago

    BRUH, that should be me in the costume

  50. tact1c

    tact1c5 days ago

    @ElectricShock I have a nerd dad then

  51. tact1c

    tact1c7 days ago

    @ElectricShock really electricshock

  52. ElectricShock

    ElectricShock7 days ago

    @tact1c your dad

  53. tact1c

    tact1c7 days ago

    Who even are u

  54. Rene Martinez

    Rene Martinez27 days ago

    code shock

  55. The Butler

    The ButlerMonth ago

    How did they figure out the flavor of a wompa fruit

  56. Irrational fear

    Irrational fearMonth ago

    Purple flavor

  57. Jack Lodge

    Jack LodgeMonth ago

    they ate one

  58. Kureshu

    KureshuMonth ago

    Too bad wumpa fruit tub won't ship to Indonesia :(((

  59. Mysticfnr

    MysticfnrMonth ago

    im going to buy it

  60. joma Huntington

    joma HuntingtonMonth ago

    Its very good

  61. Mizrahhi

    MizrahhiMonth ago

    It’s delicious dude.

  62. Calzee

    CalzeeMonth ago

    *mascot not included

  63. Scaredeavorous Perfomer

    Scaredeavorous PerfomerMonth ago

    Gonna get me 4 of these to go N.Sane In no time flat!

  64. Andrey Kozhokar

    Andrey KozhokarMonth ago

    Umm what are the odds you follow me on Instagram and send me a pack my Instagram is: Andreykjr.k

  65. Tiarra Guan

    Tiarra GuanMonth ago

    What do you do if crash shows up at 3 am

  66. HAASY

    HAASYMonth ago


  67. Yoric Lowe

    Yoric LoweMonth ago


  68. Maximize

    MaximizeMonth ago


  69. RETR0 B4LLER

    RETR0 B4LLERMonth ago

    First comment bet they won’t pin

  70. UncleHaul

    UncleHaulMonth ago


  71. Ayaanomatic

    AyaanomaticMonth ago

    Kool Aid Man 2.0.

  72. Ayaanomatic

    AyaanomaticMonth ago

    @Braxton Richins lol

  73. Braxton Richins

    Braxton RichinsMonth ago

    He should of said WOAH!!! after he crashed through the window.

  74. Ewan Urquhart

    Ewan UrquhartMonth ago

    i wish cans shipped to the uk :(

  75. Everyday Jokes

    Everyday JokesMonth ago

    Joke of the day: what's the best thing about switzerland? *idk, but the flag is a big plus*

  76. Just Megumin

    Just MeguminMonth ago

    No it isnt I'm blind

  77. YTK_ dibsondibs

    YTK_ dibsondibsMonth ago

    i like ur pfp and very nice joke

  78. Qlippurz

    QlippurzMonth ago

    Boom shakalaka

  79. Sir Hogang

    Sir HogangMonth ago


  80. Drfrog JZ

    Drfrog JZMonth ago

    First and ncie