Space Milk | G Fuel Flavor Mix

In the market for an out-of-this-world #GFUEL mix with a dash of thiccness, sweetness AND sourness?? We've got ya' covered!
- Get your G FUEL Shaker (or a blender)
- Add 14-16 ounces of milk (or milk substitute)
- Add 1/2 Scoop of Sour Blue Chug Rug
- Add 1/2 Scoop of Twisted Kandy
- Shaker or Blend!
- Enjoy your Space Milk Mix!
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  1. سيف المزروعي و اقطع

    سيف المزروعي و اقطع20 days ago

    I dont know why but in my mind i think its tastes like soap

  2. FPsWarfare

    FPsWarfare2 months ago

    that makes me want to murder cows

  3. flqgs

    flqgs2 months ago

    Can you sand me some g fuel plzzz

  4. Mr CH

    Mr CH2 months ago

    yeah space milk.... sounds normal

  5. Nuk3

    Nuk32 months ago

    Its too expensive :(

  6. M7sen

    M7sen2 months ago

    Can I drink gfuel I’m 11 ?

  7. Ne0n47

    Ne0n472 months ago

    You Need to be atleast 18

  8. I don’t know what to name this Channle

    I don’t know what to name this Channle2 months ago

    Could kids have gfuel? Because I’ve been drinking it my whole life

  9. djdimi gaming

    djdimi gaming27 days ago

    @dum nigyuh I go to university doing medical science. trust me, drinking at the age of 10 is not healthy

  10. dum nigyuh

    dum nigyuh28 days ago

    @I don’t know what to name this Channle yes 10 year olds could have gfuel but im 19 and i don't even drink 3 bottles a day thats a bit excessive

  11. dum nigyuh

    dum nigyuh28 days ago

    @djdimi gaming 100% not true lmfao where did you get this info

  12. I don’t know what to name this Channle

    I don’t know what to name this Channle2 months ago

    djdimi gaming can 10 yo have them because I am 10 I be drinking 3 bottles a day

  13. djdimi gaming

    djdimi gaming2 months ago

    @I don’t know what to name this Channle Not for younger kids, it could stunt your growth. I wanted tubs a few years ago but I was too young, I’m older now and have a lot of tubs lol Edit: it could do a lot more damage then growth. Can even kill you or cause problems later in life

  14. Boomer Juice

    Boomer Juice2 months ago

    Not even gfuel takes the cap of the scooper

  15. ItsPanda

    ItsPanda2 months ago

    I would apreciate if you would answer to this question. How old do you have to be to drink g fuel

  16. Tloe

    Tloe2 months ago

    You need to be 18 but u can have it under 18 with parental permission it’s all up to your parents it’s basically having a cup of coffee

  17. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    I’m definitely getting this

  18. Cresh

    Cresh2 months ago

    What age do you need to be to drink this also imagine there was a baby g fuel formula I would give it so someone related to me

  19. Tloe

    Tloe2 months ago

    18 but you can have it under 18 with parental permission

  20. RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber

    RyanMG08 The Welsh Commentary YouTuber2 months ago


  21. On productions

    On productions2 months ago

    This needs to be dani flaifour

  22. Kevin Zhang

    Kevin Zhang2 months ago

    Among us Space Milk

  23. Juggernog Bruh

    Juggernog Bruh2 months ago

    It's not bad try it!

  24. Charzy Jr

    Charzy Jr2 months ago

    I won’t to get gfuel but they don’t let me get

  25. LuckyTPF

    LuckyTPF2 months ago

    Space gang and milk gang E P I C

  26. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    I see you are a man of culture as well

  27. Blank.

    Blank.2 months ago


  28. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago


  29. FlickZ

    FlickZ2 months ago

    that look SO GOOD

  30. Ne0n47

    Ne0n472 months ago

    Are You serious

  31. Panagiotis Nikitopoulos

    Panagiotis Nikitopoulos2 months ago

    My dad is saying I cant have gfuel because it has taurine

  32. Blacknight 179

    Blacknight 179Month ago

    @Zeke Taurine is not bad for you, if you’re of age, if your not it can cause major kidney problems including kidney failure, and breaking down of the muscles

  33. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    Bruh, taurine is actually good for you lmao, look it up and show it to him

  34. Joseph L

    Joseph L2 months ago

    What’s so bad about taurine?

  35. supreme pops

    supreme pops2 months ago

    🤢why would a human do this


    SHADOWRIDER882 months ago

    Sour in milk, no thanks!

  37. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke2 months ago

    Mans shook that for 3 seconds 😭

  38. SYED &uss!in

    SYED &uss!in2 months ago

    @SabotageLuke true

  39. SabotageLuke

    SabotageLuke2 months ago

    @SYED &uss!in But if it's an ad for their product and someone buys it and shakes it like this, they're gonna say it tastes bad and not wanna get it anymore.

  40. SYED &uss!in

    SYED &uss!in2 months ago

    It an add

  41. NARUT0

    NARUT02 months ago

    Space cow go brrrr

  42. Corrupted Studio

    Corrupted Studio2 months ago

    Mava sb karanna අනිවාරයෙන්ම oyavt sb කරනවා කරනවා කරනවා

  43. Awesome Stuff

    Awesome Stuff2 months ago

    gross ,why, NO!

  44. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz2 months ago

    Hey g fuel (pls respond) can 11 year olds drink g fuel? (stick packs)

  45. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz28 days ago

    @dum nigyuh oki

  46. dum nigyuh

    dum nigyuh28 days ago

    @AwzomeOpenz it's perfectly fine lmao i've been drinking it since i was 12 (i'm 19 now) and hasn't done anything to me

  47. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz2 months ago

    @Zacraz27 ok thx

  48. Zacraz27

    Zacraz272 months ago

    @AwzomeOpenz no problem just trying a inform you have a good day :)

  49. AwzomeOpenz

    AwzomeOpenz2 months ago

    @Zacraz27 Very good words of wisdom. someone give this man a medal. I will not drink it. Thank you very much good sir!

  50. raqueese

    raqueese2 months ago

    When are more Gfuel stickers coming with orders?

  51. Rodo Tv

    Rodo Tv2 months ago

    Got the lwiay one No sticker! What happened?

  52. Thucypollo

    Thucypollo2 months ago

    ew wtf

  53. PhantomX

    PhantomX2 months ago

    U can drink gfuel with milk?!

  54. Brady Austin

    Brady Austin2 months ago

    Some of them are better like the moon pie flavor

  55. PhantomX

    PhantomX2 months ago

    I wouldn't wanna try ngl

  56. F2LMikey

    F2LMikey2 months ago

    Sour blue chug rug in milk sounds cursed


    INSXMNIACMonth ago

    it is...

  58. juicemaker

    juicemaker2 months ago


  59. the cool bud

    the cool bud2 months ago

    This is enough milk for a growing boy

  60. KrypticElement

    KrypticElement2 months ago

    Blue milk? 👀

  61. Jeeeff

    Jeeeff2 months ago

    Bro i can't order when the shipping is 9$

  62. Jeeeff

    Jeeeff2 months ago

    @Jxyrxss damnn to Germany costs 9$ shipping but thats only the starter pack for one tub 18$

  63. Jxyrxss

    Jxyrxss2 months ago

    I can’t order when one tub comes to 70$ in Canada 😂

  64. car son

    car son2 months ago

    I’m scared g fuel why

  65. lihhcf

    lihhcf2 months ago


  66. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    @lihhcf true dat but I still recommend packets

  67. lihhcf

    lihhcf2 months ago

    @Zeke I want a tub not a packet. Plus your gonna have to keep ordering and ordering packets unlike tubs they can finish in 2-3 months. It’s just that they cost so much for the size

  68. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago


  69. Blizzard Unboxing

    Blizzard Unboxing2 months ago


  70. CodeNameUnicorn

    CodeNameUnicorn2 months ago


  71. Poke Siah

    Poke Siah2 months ago

    Looks good I’m drinking chug rug rn lol

  72. N

    N2 months ago

    Doesn't this curdle the milk because of the acid in the mixes?

  73. SKY GOKU

    SKY GOKU2 months ago


  74. Yahir Saavedra

    Yahir Saavedra2 months ago

    this absolutley digusts me and i didnt even try it

  75. Gamer Man

    Gamer ManMonth ago

    @A Morales I don’t give a fuck if nobody asked. The world doesn’t revolve around you. He can say what he wants.

  76. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago

    @A Morales nobody has to ask

  77. verdant

    verdant2 months ago

    @A Morales it was me i was the one who asked

  78. almir fili

    almir fili2 months ago


  79. almir fili

    almir fili2 months ago


  80. almir fili

    almir fili2 months ago


  81. almir fili

    almir fili2 months ago


  82. almir fili

    almir fili2 months ago


  83. Laurain Rox

    Laurain Rox2 months ago

    Gfuel sponsor me and gimme free gfuel

  84. haLucas

    haLucas2 months ago

    this has to be a joke

  85. Julio cesar Ludeña marin

    Julio cesar Ludeña marin2 months ago

    Wtf is that for real

  86. SwatZ

    SwatZ2 months ago

    Looks Sick 🎉

  87. Elroy

    Elroy2 months ago


  88. HAASY

    HAASY2 months ago

    Ordered faze x gfuel but now I’m up to 20 unfinished tubs and still planning on ordering 2 more when there’s a bogo

  89. Kem

    Kem2 months ago

    BogoAlert There’s a Halloween bogo rn

  90. Warlord N

    Warlord N2 months ago

    Can I have 1

  91. Brady Austin

    Brady Austin2 months ago

    Im up to 4

  92. LilSpicyCheeto

    LilSpicyCheeto2 months ago

    @BUGGZ_TV yo BUGGZ is that you, it’s me Cheeto from the syzr discord

  93. Exclusive .Moves

    Exclusive .Moves2 months ago

    I have 89 lmao it addicTed

  94. Jose Casado

    Jose Casado2 months ago

    holy heck we aint even at 500 views yet.....

  95. Wickerboy243

    Wickerboy2432 months ago

    like i already said, this would be good as a new brand of gfeul called gfuel combofeuls

  96. Connor Bednarski

    Connor Bednarski2 months ago

    Does GFUEL respond?

  97. Zeke

    Zeke2 months ago


  98. deidara

    deidara2 months ago

    just ordered my twisted kandy cant wait for it to come

  99. deidara

    deidara2 months ago

    @Jordyjord it tastes pretty good

  100. Jordyjord

    Jordyjord2 months ago

    Nah it’s a diet melon/orange you’ll see

  101. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila2 months ago

    @DragonitePlayZ 😂

  102. DragonitePlayZ

    DragonitePlayZ2 months ago

    its just sugar water

  103. Zyjuila

    Zyjuila2 months ago

    That favour sucks

  104. Fe4rero

    Fe4rero2 months ago


  105. ッEliteexx

    ッEliteexx2 months ago

    To the person thats reading this: You are a very Beautiful and adorable human! Stay healthy during quarantine My dream is to hit 2K ive been struggling to get there ❄️

  106. Soda

    Soda2 months ago

    bruh r/wooosh

  107. StickSuspekt

    StickSuspekt2 months ago


  108. Fisherfan48

    Fisherfan482 months ago

    Homelander entered the chat

  109. It's Pizza Time

    It's Pizza Time2 months ago UNACCEPTABLLLEEEEEE

  110. Do Not Pursue Lu Bu

    Do Not Pursue Lu Bu2 months ago

    Ok lemongrab

  111. Jade Potts

    Jade Potts2 months ago

    anyone else get among us vides from this?

  112. InfiniteMoth

    InfiniteMoth2 months ago

    Looks like a smoothie

  113. sanidhya kukreti

    sanidhya kukreti2 months ago


  114. Furrrit

    Furrrit2 months ago

    Noti gang

  115. 1 sub before 2022?

    1 sub before 2022?2 months ago

    To the person who is reading this: Your amazing stay blessed stay safe and have an wonderful rest of your day!💫

  116. aryan baig

    aryan baig2 months ago

    @MundaneMelon That's a bot I see these comments more then 20 TIMES IN EVERY SINGLE VIDEO

  117. MundaneMelon

    MundaneMelon2 months ago


  118. Puntrol Officer

    Puntrol Officer2 months ago


  119. FaZe_ 1van60FPS

    FaZe_ 1van60FPS2 months ago


  120. Jaydog gaming

    Jaydog gaming2 months ago

    Nobody cares that your first

  121. Lisa Temple

    Lisa Temple2 months ago

    Space milk wow 2 BTW

  122. Shadow Furious Gamer

    Shadow Furious Gamer2 months ago

    Just preordered the faze x gfuel

  123. GeTtHchaNNeLto 1o00 suBSCRIBErsCHallENge

    GeTtHchaNNeLto 1o00 suBSCRIBErsCHallENge2 months ago


  124. Lisa Temple

    Lisa Temple2 months ago


  125. Elijah

    Elijah2 months ago

    Aye first