G FUEL SPICY DEMON'ADE - Inspired by DOOM Eternal - is now available! Get G FUEL Spicy Demon'ade at gfuel.com/pages/spicy-demonade.


  1. Hanzel Oliver

    Hanzel Oliver25 days ago

    Taste like rage

  2. Robert Panek

    Robert PanekMonth ago

    It's now DOOM Fuil.

  3. Slayer 4365

    Slayer 43654 months ago

    Monster : good Red bull : good G fuel doom version : over 9000

  4. Glizzyjulian On iOS

    Glizzyjulian On iOS6 months ago

    Spicy lemonade hmmm.... interesting

  5. Susanta Das

    Susanta Das6 months ago

    I have always wanted to drink a game

  6. bruh on warzone

    bruh on warzone6 months ago

    Doom eternal has made a couple off people soo good at shooting games that they would slap all the fortnite pros without building

  7. uiqe

    uiqe6 months ago

    Wtf why only 15k views?

  8. CarlitoGarlito

    CarlitoGarlito7 months ago

    It’s gamer time.

  9. Defiergx

    Defiergx7 months ago

    It like a beet lemonade that you would get at a restaurant rant except it’s next level spiceness

  10. Da BB

    Da BB8 months ago

    bro now I can play The Witcher 3 Remaster 4K

  11. Shade

    Shade9 months ago

    Gotta buy this shit fr. Gonna be so hyped the next time i play doom eternal

  12. Screw The Net

    Screw The Net9 months ago

    NOPE! *stamps * VETOED! THeres hardly any calories, theres no real sugar, so ya just know the flavor is coming from something fake as hell and bad for ya, it has tiny little amounts of some select vitamins, but is still missing two or three that are required to compliment the ones selected for this powder, extract amounts from fruit are laughable when you could just have a real protein shake with whey and actual fruit, and caffeine? TOo many people addicted to that crappy bean in this day and age as it is. Randomly has Cayenne (chili) "pepper" lol TWICE pineapple fruit powder is mentioned, leading me to believe thats the only fruit derivative , maltodextrin, silicon dioxide ( what, for anti caking? lol) Ohh but natural flavors. :P NAY I SAYS TO YOUSE! NAY-ETH unt NEIN y NYET! This is some gnc level bafoonery.

  13. FlickCheez YT

    FlickCheez YT9 months ago

    Doom slayer is missing out on this!

  14. Andie

    Andie9 months ago

    What is the song at the end 🥺

  15. Hazard Lambo

    Hazard Lambo2 months ago

    It’s just the doom soundtrack

  16. Isaiah Zabala

    Isaiah Zabala9 months ago

    Wait drinking G-Fuel boosts the quality of the game? I got to have this now. *Joke* I know it dosent.

  17. Adam Kowalczyk

    Adam Kowalczyk10 months ago

    How to get pewdiepie collectors box because i cant buy it on your page ;(

  18. Jace Jones

    Jace Jones10 months ago


  19. Dragon Zime

    Dragon Zime10 months ago

    Wow spicy g-fuel, very SPICY

  20. What do you wanna burn?

    What do you wanna burn?10 months ago


  21. Ngọc M

    Ngọc M10 months ago

    Everyone through the channel I support you with 😘 chuck everyone to have a happy day 😘

  22. Kai The dragon

    Kai The dragon10 months ago

    Time to drink this

  23. Simo Pöntelin

    Simo Pöntelin10 months ago

    Did you delete coconut because people did not like it and why there is not a chocolate flavour just thinking👍👍

  24. TheHowhy

    TheHowhy10 months ago

    Where is your comment you the admin of this channel?!

  25. Edward Bautista

    Edward Bautista10 months ago

    Wish I can get sponsored by GFUEL

  26. Blame ツ

    Blame ツ10 months ago

    We all want a McDonald's ice cream flavor

  27. Exalite

    Exalite10 months ago

    Awhhhh thats hot

  28. An another SFM newbie

    An another SFM newbie10 months ago


  29. Eastonia

    Eastonia10 months ago

    I'm a g fuel noob Are these things limited edition or are they permanently available?

  30. Christian Bode

    Christian Bode10 months ago

    The collectors box and shaker are limited, but the actual flavor is permanent

  31. Billy IsBored

    Billy IsBored10 months ago

    I am been very curious about this for a while now. What makes it hot? It's not cinnamon is it? I hate hot cinnamon! Especially in my lemonade.

  32. Eastonia

    Eastonia10 months ago

    Cayenne pepper

  33. WeaponXGamer

    WeaponXGamer10 months ago

    I can't wait to drink this while I slay some demons on 3/20/20! 🤘Let's go my friends! Rip and tear until it is done🤘

  34. Ngọc M

    Ngọc M10 months ago

    RagingMutant Everyone through the channel I support you with 😘 chuck everyone to have a happy day 😘

  35. Trey Owen

    Trey Owen10 months ago


  36. Saizen

    Saizen10 months ago

    This flavor sounds disgusting but I'm sure it's good.


    SHADOWRIDER8810 months ago

    Already ordered my collectors box! And it's on its way!

  38. Aleerduaq

    Aleerduaq10 months ago


  39. Sonicice 24

    Sonicice 2410 months ago

    It makes you HD.

  40. IPIRIX

    IPIRIX5 months ago

    Has to be 4k

  41. Dux Domine

    Dux Domine10 months ago

    Time to snort this shit

  42. Falling beds

    Falling beds10 months ago

    "Shit just went from zero to 100 real fucking quick"

  43. alone

    alone10 months ago


  44. wesam khallad

    wesam khallad10 months ago

    SPICY GFUEL?? I never imagined that happening.

  45. Ngọc M

    Ngọc M10 months ago

    wesam khallad Everyone through the channel I support you with 😘 chuck everyone to have a happy day 😘

  46. Wuce Brayne

    Wuce Brayne10 months ago

    Seth Bowling can confirm the flavor is good, it’s only a little spicy and refreshing enough

  47. Mr Racz

    Mr Racz10 months ago

    wesam khallad next gfuel is probably sour or salty

  48. Seth Bowling

    Seth Bowling10 months ago

    Right? All of the other flavors are sweet. It doesn't sound too good. It was a cool promo video, though.

  49. Cross Kuntzman

    Cross Kuntzman10 months ago

    Nice let’s goo

  50. Awsome zombie

    Awsome zombie10 months ago

    awsome 😍😍😍😍😍 i love you g fuel keep it coming with the flavors 😍😍😍🥰🥰

  51. Lemcnqide Ily

    Lemcnqide Ily10 months ago


  52. FaZe_Blazer_OG _

    FaZe_Blazer_OG _10 months ago

    Fake @$$

  53. Kossuboi

    Kossuboi10 months ago

    @Cross Kuntzman Very real one

  54. Cross Kuntzman

    Cross Kuntzman10 months ago

    Mr Beast 🔥

  55. Milopkaى

    Milopkaى10 months ago

    ❤ so good

  56. Mudbutt

    Mudbutt10 months ago

    Spicy? No thanks lol

  57. Cool Clorox

    Cool Clorox10 months ago

    Pathetic worm

  58. Diamond Swords HQ

    Diamond Swords HQ10 months ago

    To bad I couldn't get the very early comment this time on this video but A great looking flavor nonetheless

  59. Smokigaming

    Smokigaming10 months ago


  60. blaztoff

    blaztoff10 months ago

    Time to drink this up when animal crossing new horizons comes out

  61. Hi hi hi hi hi

    Hi hi hi hi hi7 months ago

    Hryzn00 so you can kill the demons in animal crossing

  62. Sage M , A dude with a bucket!

    Sage M , A dude with a bucket!7 months ago

    GFUEL : New Horizons™

  63. basic nerd

    basic nerd9 months ago

    Slurp slurp

  64. Ngọc M

    Ngọc M10 months ago

    R3GAL Everyone through the channel I support you with 😘 chuck everyone to have a happy day 😘

  65. Eastonia

    Eastonia10 months ago


  66. Yo crXsh

    Yo crXsh10 months ago


  67. Rice in my veins

    Rice in my veins10 months ago


  68. F4Z3Heatless

    F4Z3Heatless10 months ago


  69. Ferocious Entail

    Ferocious Entail10 months ago


  70. Gamal Shinnawy

    Gamal Shinnawy10 months ago